Tarun Dua Face Profile Picture - for E2E Networks Blog Author Page

Tarun Dua

Chairman and Managing Director

Tarun owns E2E’s leadership role in defining customer and technology-focused strategy and executing it with crisp and well-defined organization goals.

The people who have worked with him in the past used to call him a hacker, leader, Linux guru, Perl expert, database champion, amazing sysadmin, entrepreneur, technology ninja, and the list goes on.

But this is several years old impact that he left in the organizations and in the lives of people he worked with. With this unending list of nerd skills, Tarun was bound to start a company of his own and make a deep dent in the technology that organizations use.

And E2E Networks was born. Today, Tarun continues to follow his passion and ensure that every second spent fuels the technology that organizations need to meet challenging user demands.

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