Why Latency matters in India?

Loading Image in Internet Explorer

Loading…Frustrated on seeing this? The large visible delays in loading a website are really irritating. In this fast paced world, your web visitors don’t want to wait for long for your website to load. A few major causes of latency are discussed here.

One of the main reason for latency is the physical distance of the data center where the site is hosted from your visitors. If you are hosting your website on servers in one geographic location but you are receiving visitors from another geographic location, the latency would be high. The sites hosted in countries like US/UK add up a latency of about 300ms to 400 ms which increases page rendering times by a few seconds. With larger number of page elements higher latency makes for higher page load times regardless of optimizations in the size of images and compression of javascript/css elements.

As an example of the effects of latency lets look at a few data points :-

Ping a website hosted in India ( say pluggd.in ) and another hosted in US (mobikwik.com)

Pinging www.mobikwik.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=344ms TTL=50

Pinging pluggd.in [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=53ms TTL=49

The huge difference in latency times of both the websites is clearly visible.

Firebug is an extension for Mozilla FireFox, and can also be used to analyze your site’s network activity.

The firebugs output for both the websites could be seen at



See the net effect in being able to throw in 470KBytes of data in 12.72 seconds mostly from India compared to being able to throw 171 KB of data at the browser in 13.74 seconds. Hosted in US no matter how much processing power you throw at something you hit a lower bound for each content element being pulled in 600 ms or more.

The firebug output for a nearly pure everything in India kind of site can be seen here


There are several hosting companies in India which have their servers in USA and thus sites hosted by these get impacted by high latencies.  How to determine if your site is in USA or India.

Low latency means faster browsing experience and that’s what every end user wants but also higher page views and greater engagement as shown by Google’s study.