Launching C Series: The Next Generation of compute instances

Once you create a virtual compute node, configure your instance, run migrations across large numbers of servers, you think that your journey is smooth ahead. Suddenly your application’s demand increases, and you have to crunch volumes of data. No Problem, increase the number of instances and you are good to go! Days pass by but you do not get the performance that you actually expected, and the time slips by. You realize that you are happy with the services but the raw, consistent performance necessary for your demanding workloads is not met and the rising cost is not feasible for your business model.

You hope that you could have more power in your hand coupled with a plan that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

C Series inception?

The modern workloads consume massive compute power to run applications such as high-performance web server, high-performance computing (HPC), complex database, distributed analytic etc. To fill up this faster generational performance gap, the C Series compute infrastructure was formed.

C Series virtual compute nodes are designed keeping in mind ultra-high performance with faster processor, a higher memory-to-core ratio and solid-state drive (SSD). The C Series Compute instances run on servers in a low-latency, non-oversubscribed network, delivering consistent performance for even the most demanding workloads.

C Series

Using the latest generation Intel Gold series processors, the C series has high-performance compute instances with high IOPS and memory for webscale applications.


  • Gold Series Processors – Cut down the extra cycles and extra time to handle any workload.
  • Excellent configuration – Create multiple instances with the different configuration of servers for different application requirement to serve concurrent requests smoothly.
  • High Performance – The max IOPS on these can go all the way up to 50K IOPS on a burstable basis
  • Affordable Pricing – Why go for the services of a company and pay more for the resources which are not fully utilized, when you can pay less and get more than enough resources for your business needs. A wide range of plans and packages offering hourly /monthly usage-based pricing to suit your requirement.

The new C Series offers customers the compute ranging from  4vCPU’s to 72 vCPU’s. The new C Series instance is particularly helpful for high-performance computing (HPC) applications and memory-intensive workloads.

The table below is a benchmark comparison between the E2E Networks latest generation instances to the previous generation instances to see which one would be a suitable upgrade


Plans/Benchmarks A9 B15 C10 Winner


SSD: 140 GB


RAM: 15 GB

SSD: 230 GB


RAM: 10 GB

SSD: 103 GB

CPU benchmarks
bzip2 compress 4.689s 6.326s 4.294s C10, A9, B15
AES-encrypting 1.462s 1.959s 0.856s C10, A9, B15
SHA256-hashing 1.428s 2.217s 1.275s C10, A9, B15
Disk benchmarks
ioping seek rate 306.2 us 300.2 us 258.1 us C10, B15, A9
ioping read IOPS 977 838 1040 C10, A9, B15
ioping sequential read speed 244.3 MiB/s 209.6 MiB/s 260.3 MiB/s C10, A9, B15
dd sequential write speed 449.50 MiB/s 327.11 MiB/s 603.68 MiB/s C10, A9, B15
Overall system score(Unixbench)
Single-threaded 559.1 500 630.1 C10, A9, B15
Multi-threaded 2300.6 1832.8 2532 C10, A9, B15


Plans & Pricing

With the latest generation hardware and advanced functionalities, E2E Networks is one of the most advanced compute infrastructure platform available in the market today.

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