It will happen, it will happen in our lifetimes

India’s first barcamp was practically a turning point for the startup scene in the country or atleast it appears so to yours truly. was practically ideated by participating folks at the venue. Geobeats was looking for technology driven co-founders here. It was truly exciting to be amongst all these folks and many more

The presentation by Kunal whose upshot is this slide had the maximum impact on what ails the Indian broadband penetration numbers, the idea that different companies can fix the different parts of this equation was clearer, before this I always thought a wireless ISP at my hometown would be a nice upgrade to its infrastructure :-

So here we are at E2E Networks Private Limited reiterating our promise ‘It will happen, it will happen in our lifetimes’ Pervasive and world’s fastest broadband Internet in every Indian home that can afford a Rs. 750 or more a month connection and this would happen only if everyone who has to serve Indian audience hosts in India. We are doing our part of the bargain which is to bringing Internet traffic (dependent on content and applications ) back to India so your last mile ISPs can stop complaining about the high cost of International Bandwidth, the cost of National long distance backhaul is a no-brainer there is million kilometers of practically un-used dark fiber capacity in the country today, the last mile is already available to the extent of 8Mbps (no wonder you have those IPTV and other anti-net neutrality products riding the last mile). So whether your Internet business uses a mere 100GB bandwidth a month or several 100 terabytes we are are ready to serve your hosting needs. Its not just about performance, bringing hosting back to India also means your contribution to growth of broadband in the country and consequently to the growth of your own marketplace.

So in the enlightened self interest of helping grow the broadband marketplace we are launching the phase 3 of bandwidth price war in a few more weeks from now the E2E Networks’s Cloud Computing Products cheaper than anyone else in the Asia Pacific region.

And oh by the way we’ll waive off 50% setup fee till the end of August starting today for next 15 days. The signup must be completed before 31st August 2010 to avail this special offer. So bring your servers back to India.