Independence month discounts

For immediate release :-
We an India based Hosting and Cloud Computing start-up, aim to help all our peers with equal ambitions and energy to strive and succeed. Hitherto it was only the large media houses and venture backed startups that could do snappy websites using expensive low latency data center facilities in India. We have pulled the powers from large media houses, corporates and venture backed start-ups, by designing special ‘low latency’ hosting services for start-ups at highly competitive rates.

We know long loading times have subtle effects on user behavior as corroborated by many other studies. If you are a start-up competing with big guys hosted locally you know you need to equal or better their snappiness advantages and if your competition is hosted in US then *move to India before your competition does to create an edge*

For technical understanding on why latency matters please refer the blog and make a well informed decision while choosing hosting for your servers in India instead of high latency locations like US if your web visitors are from India.

As a special Independence month offer we’ll waive off 50% of the onetime setup fee on all dedicated server hosting in India if you sign up on or before EOD 31st of Aug 2010. Also avail 5% discount on usage of coupon code [ India-Aug-2010 ] on monthly fees on all our dedicated server hosting in India and Virtual Private Server hosting in India, over and above the other automatic discounts mentioned on our website

For startups who would like to start small please check out our India based VPS server hosting plans starting from Rs. 1799/mo . We offer sane support for even un-managed India based server hosting plans with a lot of free security and scaling advice on application architecture side.

For serious bloggers using E2E Networks VPS servers we provide generous on-demand capacity bursting capabilities for free if you give us a heads up on a breaking news story that could get dugg/slashdotted an hour or two in advance.

Your feedback on how we can bring hosting back to India is important to us and we welcome it at all times just as we welcome traceroutes from everywhere in India to us, regardless of whether or not you are an existing customer of E2E Networks.