E2E Networks at NAMAprivacy – Bangalore 2017

E2E Networks - NAMAprivacy

E2E Networks supporting NAMAprivacy Bangalore Edition on 05th Oct 2017

Medianama, an eminent source of information & analysis of digital content and services in India is hosting a conference NAMAprivacy on the ‘Future of User Data in India’.

Data collection is growing with the advent of newer technologies and smart devices which are used by billions of people directly or indirectly across India. Moreover, the great digital push by the government is generating massive personal data. Data protection and privacy require digital capabilities to secure it and to balance the rights of the users to access it.

The government of India is working hard on data privacy concerns of the users and is also creating processes to improve decision making and to reduce the cost of data repositories.

The objective of NAMAprivacy conference is to focus attention on data privacy, consent, data categorization, and regulation.

The other relevant points which will be covered in the discussion are –

  • User Rights
  • Different Data categorization and regulation
  • Data retention
  • App stores and apps framework consent
  • Algorithms accountability

E2E Networks is proud to be associated with NAMAprivacy and invites all visitors & participants to share their cloud computing and data privacy concerns across their cloud computing environment with our experts. We have helped our customers to address their data management & cloud challenges through our problem-solving skills offering enhanced cloud performance while reducing their overall cloud spends.

We look forward connecting with you @ “#NAMAprivacy”