E2E Networks at INTEL Cloud Developer Day

Intel CLoud Developer Day

Figure out next-generation capabilities of AI & cloud

The Intel Cloud Developer Day event is happening on 9th October 2017 – Bangalore, India.

For the past decade, no discussion on innovation has been complete without the mention of cloud technologies. Today Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of a lot of the current technical innovation coming to market and to no one’s surprise, much of this cutting-edge AI technology is being built on the cloud!

The Intel Cloud Developer Day event is taking place on 9th October 2017 – Bangalore, India. Intel is concentrating on the ecosystem vision of Artificial Intelligence on the cloud. One of the challenges with AI algorithms is that they require a huge amount of computing power to accomplish tasks, which makes them inefficient. The blend of Artificial Intelligence & the cloud will help not only open a gateway of Intelligent applications but also help to diminish the gap between AI and human intelligence.

Cloud has allowed organizations to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence by using machine learning platforms to generate sophisticated, actively maintained, online rule-based models for running their businesses.  E2E Networks is delighted to be associated with the Intel Cloud Developer Day event. At the event, Mr. Tarun Dua, CEO of E2E Networks will be delivering a keynote on E2E’s cloud-agnostic approach and its relevance to the future of Artificial Intelligence.

E2E Networks has been working hard towards developing technologies which allow our customers to realize the enormous possibilities of Artificial Intelligence on the cloud. We enable organizations to transcend their existing investment in cloud-native solutions by allowing for the enormous possibilities of a multi-cloud architecture, by using our unique Cloud Agnostic approach.

To understand more about AI on the cloud and how it can benefit your business in the future, we invite you to attend this event.