E2E Networks CTO spoke at HasGeek Miniconf- Mumbai


E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R featured as a Speaker

Last week on 8th Dec 2017 HasGeek organized a Rootconf event, ‘Miniconf on Cloud Server Management’ in Mumbai. The conference was about cloud, scaling, resource allocation, automation and more. It primarily targeted DevOps engineers, Senior architects, VPs, developers, programmers and all those who wanted to learn from the experiences and insights of the industry veterans.

There were many speakers who took part in the event. They spoke about the relevance and dynamism of the cloud in today’s scenario. The talks were mainly on debugging serverless applications, data science on the cloud, configuration management, cloud management and other related topics.

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R, delivered the talk and discussed “Cloud Agnostic Web scale“. He advocated attendees to utilize OSS products to grow web-scale while being cloud agnostic. This will not only help in minimizing vendor lock-in which is often cited as a major impediment to cloud adoption but will also save cost in the bargain. One example is using microservices with Rancher.

Some of the snapshots from the event


The last event in the series will be held at Gurugram. E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R will be a speaker at the same.

If you’re attending– we’d love to catch up!