Meet E2E Networks CMD @ Open Source India | 11th Oct 18

Open Source India

Open Source India (OSI) is one of the leading conferences targeted at nurturing & promoting the Open Source ecosystem in India. Initially started as Linux Asia in 2004, OSI conference aims to bring the community and Open Source industry closer to boost development and deployment.

In the previous years, Open source has played a vital role in the upbringing of the computing industry. The primary motive of Open Source is to convince the people to switch to open source when considering the software frame of the organization.

Adopting Open Source brings open innovation. Open Source Applications empowers you with the flexibility to adjust and tweak the products to suit your business requirements. The app innovations can also be gathered from online communities, participating groups, and other developers. Moreover, the access to the original source code doesn’t limit the fixes, future support, and development of the product.

  • Date – 11 & 12 Oct, 2018
  • Venue – NIMHANS Convention Center, Hosur Road, Bangalore
  • Time – 9:00 AM (IST) Onwards

For a long-term perspective, the open source is a remarkable conclusion than Proprietary Apps. Since, OSS evolves with iterations by the global communities which mean that apps improve over time with a collective effort, skill, and knowledge from a skilled community.

Tarun Dua, CMD E2E Networks will be helping you to learn on the benefits of using Open Source Software & Tools for IaaS, PaaS to achieve Multi-Cloud services of the future. As businesses repeatedly look out ways to do more, adopting Open Source Applications can deliver benefits to your business. Open source applications offer greater flexibility, lower IT costs and increase opportunities for innovation. It is evident that for almost every successful proprietary Application we have an open source equivalent or sometimes even a better one. Learn straight from the expert himself at OSI days.

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