Cloud Computing in India – From Here to Where?

India with it’s ever growing population of digital nomads is in the midst of technological revolution. With more than 460 million internet users addicted to their phone and laptop screens; content is getting written and shared faster, better, and in real-time. Factually, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. Despite the large base of internet users in India, only 26 percent of the Indian population accessed the internet in 2015.

Let’s take some examples of Cloud Computing happening at the moment. e-tailers, e-learning, e-commerce and e-healthcare are to name a few. So if this amount of data is generated every second, it needs to be stored as well. Now, storing this data is not possible for startups and entrepreneurs who have just started to explore the new territory of being their own boss.

Here arises the need of Cloud Computing service providers. Now, like in every industry there are both big and small horses in this trade. To name the big, global players first – there are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud Service, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean (DO), etc. If we talk the emerging market players or homegrown organization like E2E Networks, one the leading Cloud Computing Solutions providers in India, then the competition or who to choose becomes tougher.

Now to understand the Indian consumer psyche better, first there is a need to understand the level of awareness amongst the consumers who want to embrace technology but do not know how. At E2E, we have vast experience in implementing and managing infrastructure for the web, mobile, or enterprise-centric workloads. In addition, we have built our own Cloud Infrastructure and developed our own Technology Stacks, making our Cloud Infra offering among the most affordable in the market.

Moreover, our Multi-Cloud CloudOps Platform uses a unique blend of automation delivered via technology combined with human intelligence, to drastically reduce the workload of your in-house DevOps team by freeing them from the worry of managing RTB (Run the Business) issues.

E2E Networks believes in the philosophy of “We Do It For You”. You must give us a try once and experience the difference in getting on the #Cloud and get #FutureReady.

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Author:  Prashant Chauhan