A comparison of VPS plans by providers in India

E2E Networks has launched a new series of VPS plans, called the CLOUD-M-A plans this week. These plans feature the best price performance ratio for any provider based in India. Below is a comparison of plans based on the resources at a price point of around Rs 2700 per month:

* Plans and prices accessed on 15.09.2014

Apart from the excellent plan pricing, the VPS plans has following features:

  • Based on Xen virtualization: Our platform doesn’t allow overselling of RAM. It means that the physical underlying machine is not overcrowded and hence VPS’s don’t compete for resources.
  • Pro-rated billing: The billing for the VPS plans are done on a per day basis. Hence you will get refunded for the number of days you would not use the VPS in a month once the VPS is deprovisioned.
  • DDoS Protection: Our VPS plans come with DDoS protection included which has the ability to mitigate the attacks up to 1 Gbps (with best effort delivery protection up to 10 Gbps at provider level )
  • Dual powered servers: The underlying physical machines are powered with dual redundant power supply, hence the probability of the servers going down because of power supply failure is very low.

A graphical comparison of the resources provided by different VPS providers in India around Rs 2700 per month shows that:

E2E Networks provides 6 times more RAM than the CtrlS or GoDaddy.vcpu_comparison_for_vps
E2E Networks provide 4 times the compute capacity that CtrlS, GoDaddy or Hostgator.dataflow_comparison_for_vps
E2E Networks provides 2.5 times the dataflow per month than GoDaddy and 5 times Hostgator.If you want to know more about VPS plans from E2E Networks, please contact us at +91-11-3001-8095 or sales@e2enetworks.com.

Providers RAM (in GB) vCPUs (of 2 Ghz) Dataflow (in GB/month) Cost (in Rs/month)*
CtrlS 2 1.2 2048 Rs 2800
GoDaddy 2 1 100 Rs 2479
BigRock 1 0.75 200 Rs 2699
Hostgator 1.3 1 1050 Rs 3150
E2E Networks 13 4 5000 Rs 2669