WEBINAR: Fight Fraud With Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics @ Thursday TechTalks

Webinar: Fight Fraud With Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics

Fraudulent activities are a serious concern to any tech organization. Moreover, traditional approaches are becoming inefficient as the fraudsters are continually using new techniques.

You know what? You can beat fraudsters with Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics.

How can you do it?

Thursday TechTalks is your answer.

In this upcoming webinar, you’ll get to know various models used for behavior pattern analysis and how this can be integrated into a real-world SOC to achieve a proactive posture. It will address:

  • Developing a risk framework with cognitive security;
  • The technological expertise available to detect these anomalies and patterns.

How to Register?

Click here to register for the ‘Detecting and Fighting Fraud with Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics’ webinar.

When? On 21 FEB 2019 at 3:30 PM.

About The Speaker

Tamaghna Basu, co-founder/CTO of neoEYED Inc., is on the mission to build a safer world with stronger, yet very convenient authentication mechanism for companies and end-users. He is a hacker, speaker, trainer and a developer too.

He has more than 14 years of experience in cyber-security and worked in large enterprises like PwC, PayPal, Walmart etc. to help them secure their products.

His main areas of research include application security and network pen‐testing, incident handling and cyber forensics.

Being a software developer earlier, he worked in python, java, .net, ruby etc. and various domains like finance, insurance, gaming etc.

He is a frequent speaker/trainer in various conferences like NULLCON, C0C0N, OWASP, ISACA etc. and member of NULL, DSCI and other communities.

He also contributed to security magazines like Clubhack and ISACA journal. He has accomplished various other certifications like Cyber Crime Investigation, Diploma in Cyber Law, OSCP, GCIH etc.

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