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NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Containers

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) is a GPU-accelerated cloud platform optimized for deep learning and scientific computing. It offers a comprehensive catalog of GPU-accelerated software for deep learning, machine learning, and HPC. NGC containers deliver powerful and easy-to-deploy software proven to deliver the fastest results.It enables users to focus on building lean models, producing optimal solutions and gathering faster insights.

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Nvidia GPU Cloud Optimized AI Software

NGC empowers researchers, data scientists, and developers with performance-engineered containers featuring AI software like TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, NVIDIA TensorRT™, RAPIDS and more. These pre-integrated containers feature the record-setting NVIDIA AI software stack, including NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit, NVIDIA deep learning libraries, and the top AI software.

Nvidia GPU Cloud on E2E Cloud

E2E Networks NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) combines the flexibility of the Public Cloud with the power of the NVIDIA graphics card, providing a complete software catalog of GPU-accelerated containers that can be deployed and maintained for AI applications.

Our NVIDIA GPU Cloud Image is an optimized environment for running the deep learning software, HPC applications, and HPC visualization tools available from the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) container registry.

The NGC container registry includes GPU-optimized, pre-configured containers with everything needed to run the chosen software, including the NVIDIA® CUDA® runtime, NVIDIA libraries, and an operating system, in a ready-to-run package.

The NGC Container Registry includes NVIDIA containers optimised, tested, certified and maintained for the most popular deep learning frameworks and take full advantage of NVIDIA Tesla V100(32 GB) and NVIDIA Tesla T4(16 GB) Hardware. It also offers licensed third-party managed HPC application containers, NVIDIA HPC visualisation containers and partner applications

These GPU optimized containers combine with E2E Cloud for the best GPU acceleration and give confidence to the users to run their project on a reliable and efficient platform without the complexity of software configuration.

Quick 2-commands to Pull and Run NGC Container

  • Create

    Create your instance by choosing NGC image & with right resources for your workload.

    Our Prominent Nvidia GPU Cloud Server Plans
  • Pull & Run

    # docker pull
    # nvidia-docker run nvidia/pytorch:19.12-py3

    AI Software Catalog
  • Ready

    Congratulations! Your AI Framework is ready-to-use.

Our Cloud GPU Plans

Plan OS: Ubuntu 16 / Ubuntu 18 / Centos 7 Graphic Processor vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Hourly Price Monthly Price
GDC.T4 Plans GDC.T4-12.50GB NVIDIA T4 12 vCPUs 50 GB 900 GB SSD ₹30/hr ₹17,500/mo Create
GDC.2XT4-12.110GB 2 x NVIDIA T4 12 vCPUs 110 GB 900 GB SSD ₹60/hr ₹36,000/mo Create
GDC.2XT4-32.110GB 2 x NVIDIA T4 32 vCPUs 110 GB 1800 GB SSD ₹65/hr ₹40,000/mo Create
GDC.V100 Plans GDC.V100-8.120GB NVIDIA Tesla V100 8 vCPUs 120 GB 900 GB SSD ₹100/hr ₹50,000/mo Create
GDC.V100-16.180GB NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 vCPUs 180 GB 1800 GB SSD ₹120/hr ₹60,000/mo Create
GDC.2xV100-16.240GB 2x NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 vCPUs 240 GB 1800 GB SSD ₹160/hr ₹75,000/mo Create
GDC.2xV100-32.360GB 2x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 vCPUs 360 GB 3600 GB SSD ₹200/hr ₹90,000/mo Create
GDC.4xV100-32.480GB 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 vCPUs 480 GB 3600 GB SSD ₹400/hr ₹1,80,000/mo Create
GDC.4xV100-64.720GB 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 64 vCPUs 720 GB 7200 GB SSD ₹500/hr ₹2,40,000/mo Create
GDC.RTX Plans GDC.RTX-16.120GB 1x NVIDIA RTX 8000 16 vCPUs 120 GB 900 GB SSD ₹72/hr ₹40,000/mo Create
GDC.2xRTX-32.240GB 2x NVIDIA RTX 8000 32 vCPUs 240 GB 1800 GB SSD ₹144/hr ₹80,000/mo Create

Documentation & Resources

  • Using NGC on the E2E Cloud

    Guide to using the NVIDIA GPU Cloud on the E2E Cloud

  • NGC Container User Guide

    Detailed overview of the NGC registry