4xH100 Cloud GPU: For powerful end-to-end AI supercomputing!

The NVIDIA H100 GPU, based on Hopper architecture, accelerates AI training and inference, data analytics applications, and HPC. It is designed to deliver an order-of-magnitude performance leap for AI and HPC over previous generations GPUs.

With its end-to-end performance and flexibility, NVIDIA HGX enables service providers, researchers, and scientists to deliver AI, simulation, and data analytics to drive the fastest time to insights.  

NVIDIA 4x H100 combines the power of four H100 GPUs with high-speed interconnects, thus forming a powerful server. Four GPU HGX H100 offers fully interconnected point to point NVLink connections between.

HGX H100 enables standardized high-performance servers that provide predictable performance on various application workloads while enabling faster time to market for NVIDIA’s ecosystem of partner server makers.

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GPU Memory
GPU Memory Bandwidth

Unprecedented Acceleration At Every Scale

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)

It maximizes quality of service (QoS) and utilization by up to 7X for every H100 deployed in data centers, extending access to every user. H100 introduces the 2nd generation of MIG to extend NVIDIA’s AI inference leadership with new integration capabilities that make it ideal for cloud deployments.

Fourth-generation Tensor Cores

Fourth generation Tensor Cores speed up all precisions including FP64, TF32, FP32, FP16, INT8.

Transformer Engine and FP8 precision

NVIDIA HGX H100 delivers a staggering 32 petaFLOPS, forming the world’s most powerful accelerated scale-up server platform for AI and HPC.


The fourth-generation NVIDIA NVLink offers 900 Gigabytes/sec of GPU-to-GPU interconnect, PCIe Gen5, and Magnum IO software, delivers efficient scalability from small enterprise to massive unified computing clusters of GPUs.

The 4xH100 Cloud GPU: Your Gateway to Accelerated Computing

Dedicated RAM
Disk Space
Hourly Billing
Monthly Billing
Yearly Billing
36 Months Billing
240 vCPUs
1320 GB
14000 GB SSD
Rs. 250 per GPU/hr*
Rs. 2,10,24,000

Why Choose NVIDIA 4xH100 GPU?

The NVIDIA 4xH100 GPU securely accelerates diverse workloads from small enterprise workloads, to exascale HPC, to trillion parameter AI models. Some of the key factors which make it the go-to choice for your workloads are given below.

1. Unmatched End-to-End Accelerated Computing Platform

NVIDIA HGX H100 combines H100 GPUs with high-speed interconnects to form the world’s most powerful servers. Compared to previous generations, HGX H100 provides up to a 9X AI speedup out of the box with the new Transformer Engine and FP8 precision.

2. Deep Learning Training: Performance and Scalability

Infrastructure advances, working in tandem with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, make HGX H100 a powerful end to-end AI and HPC data center platform with enhanced performance and scalability.

3. Faster Double-Precision Tensor Cores and Accelerated Dynamic-Programming

HGX H100 triples the FLOPS of double-precision Tensor Cores, delivering up to 236 teraFLOPs in the 4-way configuration.

4. Transformer Engine 

The H100 GPU features a Transformer Engine with FP8 precision, providing up to 4X faster training for large language models, such as GPT-3 175B.


Real-world Applications of 4xH100 Cloud GPU

4xH100 Cloud GPUs are powerful graphics processing units that can be used in a variety of real-world scenarios. Here are some examples:

Genomic and Medical Research

The security features and DPX instructions of HGX H100 cater to the needs of genomics and medical research. Its ability to accelerate dynamic programming algorithms by 7X supports real-time DNA sequence alignment, protein structure prediction, and precision medicine applications.

Large Language Model Training

HGX H100 is well-suited for training large language models, such as GPT-3 175B, due to its Transformer Engine with FP8 precision. This accelerates the development of sophisticated language models, benefiting applications in natural language processing and understanding.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HGX H100's substantial double-precision performance, achieved through double-precision Tensor Cores, makes it an excellent choice for HPC applications. The TF32 precision and efficient GPU interconnects allow for high throughput in single-precision matrix operations, benefiting scientific simulations, 3D FFT, and more.

Accelerate Machine Learning and Deep Learning Workloads with up to 70% cost-savings.

Benefits of E2E GPU Cloud

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No hidden or additional charges. What you see on pricing charts is what you pay.

NVIDIA Certified Elite CSP Partner

We are NVIDIA Certified Elite Cloud Service provider partner. Build or launch pre-installed software Cloud GPUs to ease your work.

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We are using NVIDIA certified hardware for GPU accelerated workloads.

Flexible Pricing

We are offering pay as you go model to long tenure plans. Easy upgrade allowed. Option to increase storage allowed.

GPU-accelerated 1-click NGC Containers

E2E Cloud GPUs have super simple one click support for NGC containers for deploying NVIDIA certified solutions for AI/ML/NLP/Computer Vision and Data Science workloads.

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