Miniconf on Cloud Server Management – Chennai

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E2E Networks CTO to feature as a Speaker

Cloud server management brings with it as many challenges as it offers conveniences

Cloud server management is not the same as a traditional IT management. It focuses on the optimization, tuning, performance improvement, etc. Cloud deployments offer many advantages but also pose a unique set of management challenges

All businesses utilizing cloud are using some sort of cloud management tools. Managing and monitoring a cloud requires specific tools to help manage compute resources, security, resource allocation, tracking, billing, etc.

Hasgeek is organizing a series of Rootconf events, ‘Miniconf on Cloud Server Management’ in various cities. The agenda is focused on talks on cloud server management and the attendant challenges. It will also feature discussions on scaling, microservices and serverless architecture for best efficiency. The conference is primarily targeted towards DevOps engineers, Senior architects, VPs, developers, programmers and all those who would like to learn from the experiences and insights of industry veterans.

  • Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Chennai) – 25 Nov 2017, IITM Research Park, Chennai
  • Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Mumbai) – 8 Dec 2017, Amazon Internet Services, Mumbai
  • Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Delhi/NCR) – 9 Dec 2017, Investopad, Gurgaon

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R, will be delivering the first talk at the event and will be talking about cloud agnostic webscale. The attempt would be to give the audience a broad overview of how to build web-scale architecture using a cloud-agnostic approach.

Cloud Agnostic is diametrically opposite to the Cloud Native approach where customers end up locked into a proprietary vendor platform. A Cloud Agnostic approach ensures that the infrastructure is inherently scalable and at the same time controlling costs and preventing getting locked into any one vendor’s platform.

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