HostingConIndia Is Where You Should Be

No! We are not joking. If you have anything to do with cloud, HostingConIndia conference currently happening at Nesco Grounds, Mumbai is the place you want to be. With more than 2300 attendees, 20 enlightening sessions, 6 workshops, and 40 partners in a 2 day event, the conference is turning out be the biggest event of this quarter.

The attendees of this event range from beginners to masters in the cloud business. In other words, whatever skills or expertise you have in the cloud domain, you will not feel alone if you roam around just a little. The attendees know what cloud is and they are excited to learn more. Well, they got to be excited because knowledge is power!

However, if knowledge alone is not what will motivate you to be there, a chance to win an iPhone 7 might! Isn’t it. That’s right! There is a iPhone 7 lucky draw contest going on for all attendees. All they have to do to participate in the lucky draw is to visit all the event partners on their stalls and get their participation form/pamphlet stamped. Here is how the pamphlet/form looks like.

Winning an iPhone 7 can not be easier than this. There are 40 partners in the event. So if you want to try your luck, you better hurry.

Let us show you some pics that we took a few hours ago.

Ashish from Sales, Tarun - our CEO, Pradeep from Sales (from left to right)

Know Facebook?

Know Facebook?

Ashish from our Sales teamiPhone 7 contest detailsThe attendees..A fact displayed by VERISIGN