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Can I Upgrade/Downgrade My Node?

On E2E Networks Public Cloud (the services available via the MyAccount portal), you can only upgrade the Nodes to the next higher available plan if your Node belongs the following series:

  • C2 Series
  • D Series
  • M Series
  • Smart Dedicated Series

Reason for Node Downgrade Unavailability

On E2E Networks Public Cloud, all Nodes are powered with KVM virtualization. 

We use the latest KVM virtualization file system xfs file system

The xfs file system does not allow to downgrade the disk space available on the Node. 

Due to this limitation, downgrading a Node is not possible.

Alternatives to Downgrade a Node

The following procedure is a possible alternative to downgrade a Node to overcome the KVM virtualization limitation. 

  • Take the backup of your Node.
  • Spin up a new Node as per your requirements.
  • Transfer the backed up data to the new Node.
  • Once you are confident you have properly configured the new Node, you can delete the old Node which is of larger size. 
Updated on September 25, 2019

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