E2E Networks at WHD.India 2016 Event

E2E Networks got an opportunity to attend this year’s WHD.India 2016 event in Bangalore on September 28. With a pretty impressive list of speakers and attendees, the event was a success. The speakers talked about topics like export clusters, cloud solutions, encryption, domain names, data centers, disaster recovery and made it a day of enlightenment for everyone in the audience.

In addition to this, it was an opportunity for all attending organizations to meet each other, learn what is everyone else working on and offering, and find out how to get together to create brand new and amazing out-of-the-box solutions to surprise their customers.

The event attendance keeps increasing every year pretty impressively. You can guess why! So if you missed the event this time, we hope to see you next time.

To get an idea of what we are talking about, visit the WHD.India event web page here. Well, that’s it. Here are a few pics of our team at the event.

E2E WHD.India 01