How about GPUs in the Cloud?

In a cloud computing environment, GPUs are used in coherence with the server’s CPU to run and process the applications. A CPU diverts compute intensive portion of an application to GPU. GPU processes a large amount of data parallelly as opposed to the sequential processing of a CPU – to boost the performance in the cloud environment.

Fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, video rendering, scientific simulations, seismic exploration, etc. are making its impression on the industry today. The prime focus of the businesses is to get efficient compute, that’s where the role of GPU comes into the picture. Buying and managing On-premise compute infrastructure is a costly affair which additionally includes power supply bills and maintenance costs. Additionally, the technology disruptions create a risk of falling behind in a competitive market.

A flexible, efficient and better alternative is to utilize the power of cloud-based GPU instances. E2E Networks GPUs offer efficient and parallel computing performance at lower prices with best-in-class ROI.

What can GPU do for you?

  1. Accelerate Applications – Fields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, physical simulation, etc. can benefit from improved efficiency and performance.
  2. Reduce Time and Cost – GPU’s can drastically reduce time and cost involved in processing on applications which take advantage of GPU’s,  leading to overall favourable ROI.
  3. Run Parallel Workload – The parallel workload application when processed on a GPU can provide results in less time.

In Cloud computing, Almost all the big cloud players including GCP, Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and  E2E Networks are using GPU enabled instances in their cloud computing infrastructure. Earlier NVIDIA provided its GPUs to most of the cloud providers. Recently NVIDIA launched its own cloud named as NVIDIA GPU Cloud.

E2E Networks provides cloud-based GPU’s &  cloud compute for various workloads. Our Cloud compute can dramatically increase your performance while significantly reduce your existing cloud spend.

We will be happy to discuss your cloud computing needs in a detailed manner. Please write to us or call one of our cloud specialists on +91-11-3001-8095. We will be waiting to hear from you!

Author: E2E Networks