Top 9 Reasons why your Start-up/SME should choose Cloud Technology

Cloud computing provides momentous benefits to businesses of all sizes. During the previous decade the responsibility of purchasing, installing, maintaining & upgrading the computing resources was solely laid with the IT department. With the cloud taking shape, the model has helped Start-ups/SMEs reduce cost & offered significant performance improvement thus making them flourish.

“Line-of-business leaders everywhere are bypassing IT departments to get applications from the cloud (also known as software as a service, or SaaS) and paying for them like they would a magazine subscription. And when the service is no longer required, they can cancel that subscription with no equipment left unused in the corner.”
~ Daryl Plummer, Managing Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

Roughly 5 out of 6 large businesses list cloud computing as one of their top innovation priorities.
A report by McKinsey states that IT leaders appear to be less satisfied with their business ability to innovate & want to take it to cloud computing.

McKinsey Report Image

Source: McKinsey Digital Insights : capturing-value-from-it-infrastructure-innovation

As you start your voyage, here are a top 9 reasons why Cloud Technology is a smart move right from the beginning

  1. Cost

    For startups/SMEs the traditional hardware proves expensive & ties up a lot of capital — both in terms of procurement and maintenance. Switching to the cloud provides better service and computing choices to the business thus offering a value for money compute model.

  2. Time to Market

    Cloud speed-up the application development and overall processes. Business can provision servers quickly and flexibly to meet the demands. Another important factor is quality which is a clear benefit for businesses switching to cloud computing.

    McKinsey Report Image

    Source: Horizon 360 by McKinsey, McKinsey Cloud Infrastructure Survey

  3. Integration

    Cloud solutions offer simplicity by helping the businesses to integrate their on-premise infrastructure with cloud or run their complete operations on the cloud. Cloud computing subscriptions, IaaS, PaaS services create a more manageable, cost-effective solution for startups & SMEs.


    McKinsey Report Image

    Source: Horizon 360 by McKinsey, McKinsey Cloud Infrastructure Survey

  4. Scalability

    The ability to scale or to quickly provision a server during high-demand situations certainly drops the business barriers. This is adorable, cloud technology is a business enabler, rather than just a bunch of gimmick tools.

  5. Performance

    Cloud can rapidly accelerate your efficiency. The businesses can experience significant performance improvements. From efficiency gains to improved processes, cloud computing can pace the progress while avoiding big-capital expenses.

  6. Accessibility

    The trend in computing started with a single device followed by some dumb terminals. It shifted to computers with a network and now it’s all about network-based computing through Wi-Fi, Mobile data or expanded networks. The cloud is the key to freedom, we are no longer tied to a single server.

  7. Reliability

    The overall reliability is an important metric by which a technology might fall or rise. The situations like server outage, crash, failure can happen to any Start-up/SME. This can harm your clients, employees, cost as well as hard-earned reputation earned over a period of time. The cloud reliability model aims to let users access their data and files at all times. This ensures a reliable, safe and fail-proof system all the time.

  8. Security

    And that’s a respectable feature. For every type of Start-up/SME business the cloud security is like getting a booster shot of enterprise-level security.. It’s a situation similar to ‘’herd immunity’’ where every application or service is immunised against security attacks. This will also help in making a better ecosystem of services and apps, meaning more demanding and subsequently better options for all the Start-ups/SMEs

  9. Simplified Model

    Cloud computing world allows start-ups/SMEs to minimize the cost of executing an idea. If it flops, they’re not left ruined. That lets business person cycle through innovative ideas more rapidly, trying out their ideas with right-set of compute and finally hit a sweet spot when they are successful


What should start-ups or SME business consider before moving to the cloud?

While the above benefits are easily achievable migrating to the cloud, you shouldn’t rush to migrate instantly. It is recommended to do your research and identify a provider with service and support to match your requirements.

Most start-ups and entrepreneurs in India go with the likes of big computing players as their primary choice BUT being attached with these global giants would hurt in terms of cost, privacy laws, price to performance ratio, USD denominated prices, vendor lock-ins and more which would be visible not in a short span but during the long run. Moreover, when you want to switch to another provider it would be difficult to migrate as you would have tied completely to your provider. Therefore, a due diligence is a must before choosing a cloud provider.

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