Announcing cPanel®/ WHM® cloud servers


When it comes to a tool for web hosting & server management then there is no doubt that cPanel®/WHM® is amongst the top choices. cPanel®/WHM® is a full-featured tool to create, manage and maintain your server resources and website using a GUI on your browser.

Do you need cPanel® and its rich features? Now, get the power of cPanel® on E2E Networks cPanel cloud servers for your website & server requirements.

E2E Networks is pleased to offer an industry leading control panel to its clients

cPanel® is a web-based server control panel that simplifies the server resources and website management tasks. With powerful features such as Email management, domain management, server security, database and more, cPanel®/WHM® provides easy administration of the resources.

E2E Networks Limited now offers cPanel® and WebHost Manager® (WHM®), fully featured web hosting and admin panel systems to the clients. Each of the CP series cloud servers comes with pre-installed cPanel®/WHM® so that you are able to manage every aspect of your server & website easily and get started quickly within a few clicks.


Why Choose E2E Networks cPanel®/WHM® cloud servers?

Is your website slow? Do you find it troublesome to optimize the server? Are you considering changing your cloud provider?

E2E Networks has its own servers in the data center located in India respectively, to ensure you have lower latencies & best user experience on the loading speed. Moreover, E2E Networks has developed its own cloud technology to further reduce cost and enable up to 2x performance as compared to market competitors.

With E2E cPanel® cloud servers you don’t have to compromise on features, old machines, oversold servers or price to performance cut. If you expect a fast and reliable server performance bundled with cPanel® web hosting packages and all of this at a very competitive pricing, then look no further as E2E Networks is the best fit for you.


What can you do with E2E’s cPanel®/ WHM® virtual cloud servers

E2E Networks cloud servers provide a WebHost Manager® (WHM®) granting full access to administrators and resellers & hosting providers to use or resell web hosting services. WHM® is perfect if you want to manage a server or if you want to resell services.

  • On-Demand Self-Service – Provision on demand cloud on-demand whenever you require through E2E’s online control panel & access your resources easily.
  • Get started in minutes – You can easily launch cPanel® cloud servers in just a few clicks and ready to go within minutes.
  • 99.9% Uptime – We understand high availability, your customers and rankings and your service availability that’s why we guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • Best Price/Performance ratio – Our machines are optimized to provide you best price to performance ratio, so you get more performance at a lesser price.
  • Buy in INR – We are an Indian Cloud provider and our billing is always in INR as compared to fluctuating US-Dollar denominated pricing cloud providers.


Do More with cPanel®/ WHM®

  • WHM® Access – Complete administrative access & control over the server resources.
  • cPanel® – Manage individual account(s) as specified by the Server Administrator or Reseller
  • Website Management – Easily upload and manage files through cPanel® computing servers with support for file transfers like FTP, FTPS, SFTP and easily install WordPress, phpBB within seconds.
  • Email Management – Create and manage your website email accounts with support for standard mail protocols such as POP, SMTP, IMAP to send and receive messages.
  • Server Management – Manage and maintain your servers with a few clicks to allocate resources, create users, set features, customise pages and migration between cPanel®/WHM®.
  • Security – cPanel® offers security configuration with password protected directories, IP address restricted access and other security tools & features that allows you to control the security aspect of your server and website.

Plans & Pricing

We help you to Quickly get started with cPanel® cloud servers for your development, web hosting applications or multi-domain requirements. There is no additional license or software required as our CP series cloud computing instances comes preloaded with cPanel®/WHM® license.

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