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Smart Dedicated Compute Plans

Plan Dedicated vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Self Managed servers OS: CentOS / Ubuntu Price
SDC-8.45GB 8 vCPUs 45 GB 400 GB NVMe SSD ₹6,205/mo  (₹8.5/hr) Create
SDC-12.60GB 12 vCPUs 60 GB 600 GB NVMe SSD ₹9,490/mo  (₹13/hr) Create
SDC-16.90GB 16 vCPUs 90 GB 800 GB NVMe SSD ₹11,680/mo  (₹16/hr) Create
SDC-24.120GB 24 vCPUs 120 GB 1200 GB NVMe SSD ₹18,980/mo  (₹26/hr) Create
SDC-32.180GB 32 vCPUs 180 GB 1600 GB NVMe SSD ₹27,740/mo  (₹38/hr) Create
SDC-48.240GB 48 vCPUs 240 GB 2400 GB NVMe SSD ₹39,420/mo  (₹54/hr) Create

Linux Smart Dedicated with Large Storage - SDC Series

Plan Dedicated vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Self Managed servers OS: CentOS / Ubuntu Price
SDC-16.60GB 16 vCPUs 60 GB 1800 GB NVMe SSD ₹13,870/mo
SDC-24.90GB 24 vCPUs 90 GB 2700 GB NVMe SSD ₹19,710/mo
SDC-32.120GB 32 vCPUs 120 GB 3600 GB NVMe SSD ₹25,550/mo
SDC-48.180GB 48 vCPUs 180 GB 5400 GB NVMe SSD ₹37,960/mo
SDC-64.240GB 64 vCPUs 240 GB 7200 GB NVMe SSD ₹54,750/mo
SDC-96.360GB 96 vCPUs 360 GB 10800 GB NVMe SSD ₹73,000/mo

Benefits of Smart Dedicated Compute

  • No Noisy Neighbor

    Reliable predictable performance free from the effects of CPU steal.

  • Automated Backups

    One-click enable automated continuous backups and safeguard your data.

  • Self-service

    Launch, manage and terminate machines on-demand around the clock.

  • Save Machine Images

    One-click save your machine images and run multiple replicas of the machine.

  • Auto-Scaling

    Scale-up and scale down on-demand with custom-defined rules and criteria.

  • Interactive API

    Programmatically manage your machines with our highly responsive API interface

Why Choose Smart Dedicated Compute On E2E Cloud?

  • Dedicated CPU cores
  • Superfast Deployment
  • No Contracts
  • Indian Datacenters
  • Easy Migration
  • Low Cost
  • Monthly/Hourly Billing
  • Ultra-Low Latency

Smart Dedicated Computes on E2E Cloud

Dedicated CPU’s pinned for a customer and the result is a Smart Dedicated compute.

Dedicated resources are available in the Smart Dedicated compute exclusively for the customer — which provides superior performance, reliability, dedicated network port, and easy regulatory compliance.

“ Thank you for the excellent cloud server and support over the years! Your tech support is the best I have EVER experienced, and I have dealt with a LOT of tech support. You've been remarkably responsive and patient."

Divyanshu - MD@ Phonate Technologies

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Documentation & Resources

  • Smart Dedicated Compute: The New King In The Market

    In this fast computing era, it is very crucial to match the needs of your businesses and its configuration while deciding over which server to go with for computing platform.

  • Cloud Server Vs Smart Dedicated Compute

    A Cloud Server is a robust physical or virtual infrastructure that performs application- processing storage and information. Cloud servers can be configured to offer security, levels of performance, and control.

  • Smart Dedicated Compute- Made for Enterprises

    Experience the power and security of Dedicated Compute with flexibility and scalability of Cloud.


How a Smart Dedicated Compute (SDC) is different from a Cloud VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine emulated on a dedicated host with the help of a hypervisor like KVM. In Cloud VPS environments, more than one VPS sits on a single dedicated host. And all the resources like RAM, CPU, and storage are shared among multiple VPS. Sometimes, this causes resource congestion and will lead to a bad performance of websites and applications. SDC is also a Virtual Machine. But the difference is, dedicated CPU's pinned for a customer. So, all the resources are dedicatedly available to the SDC VM. That is why an SDC is highly reliable and ensures good performance.

Does E2E Networks Provide Self Managed Servers?

Yes, E2E Networks only offers Self Managed servers. Self Managed servers are servers in which E2E Networks does not provide any maintenance, management and support. These servers are managed entirely by the customers. The only thing that E2E Networks is responsible for is server and network uptime. Security inside the virtual machine, monitoring of resources in the virtual machine and Backup of data is customer's responsibility. Customers with technological savvy team and experience should consider self-managed servers

Can we migrate our VPS based workloads to Smart Dedicated Compute?

Yes, that is possible. The process is quite similar to how you migrate from one VPS to another.

Do you charge any setup fee?

We do not charge any setup fee. However, the billing will start as soon as you launch a service.

How long does it take to launch a server?

Within a few minutes, if not seconds, you can launch a server through our 24×7 self-service portal.

How do you manage your datacenters and servers?

We have dedicated a team, which consists of highly experienced individuals, that works around the clock to ensure all the services are running as expected.

How many websites can I host on a Smart Dedicated Server?

There is no such limit. However, we recommend you to do proper testing to understand how your websites work and choose the best server accordingly.

How much disk space is available in a Smart Dedicated Compute?

The disk space available depends on the type of plan you have chosen.

Can I need do nested visualisation on smart dedicated Compute?

Smart Dedicated Servers are not suitable for nested virtualization.

How is the monthly pricing calculated?

Monthly prices shown are calculated using an assumed usage of 730 hours per month; actual monthly costs may vary based on the number of days in a month.

Do you include Tax in the prices listed on the website?

The price is exclusive of any taxes. All plan's pricing is subject to 18% GST rate extra.