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Why E2E Object Storage?

  • API

    S3-compatible REST API, enabling data access from anywhere on the internet or within your private network.

  • Inexpensive

    Up to 70% cost-saving compared to major cloud object storage services.

  • Erasure Coding

    Ensures data redundancy & data protection despite hardware/disk failures.

  • No Hidden Fees

    What you see on our pricing charts is what you pay — zero additional charges.

E2E Object Storage Plans

Slab peak Usage per Calendar Month Rate (excluding GST) Comments
Slab 0 0 GB to 250 GB 625 FlatFlat billing Create
Slab 1 Beyond 250 GB 2.5/GBApplied on peak usage per calendar Month Create

Note: Data transfer at 3/GB Outbound transfer

E2E Object Storage

  • S3 Compatible
  • 100% SSD-based
  • Always available
  • Made for high-performance, AI workloads

Multiple Use Cases For E2E Object Storage On E2E Cloud Here Are Some.

  • Data Backups
  • Primary Storage
  • Archive
  • Private Repositories
  • Static Websites

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How is the monthly pricing calculated?

The peek usage per calendar month is calculated and billed as per monthly rate.

Do you include Tax in the prices listed on the website?

No, prices are exclusive of any taxes. All plan's pricing is subject to 18% GST .

What is Bucket?

Bucket is a collection of objects

How many buckets can I create?

You can create un-limited buckets

Is there any limitation on Data Storage?

There is no limitation on Data Storage

What is the purpose of using object storage?

EOS can be used to store static assets like Images, Backups, and Video Files.

Can EOS be used with CDN

Yes, EOS should Ideally be used with CDN

Can I access EOS (E2E object storage) from anywhere?

Yes, you can access EOS from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection and the required permission to access the service.

Is the data stored in encrypted form in E2E Object storage?

No, data is not stored in encrypted form in E2E Object storage. It is hard to recover encrypted data in case of any catastrophe.

What is the region of E2E Object storage?

E2E Object storage is located in NCR region of India

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