E2E Networks was at “the talk”-2017

The Talk-2017, held in Bangalore on 16th Sep 2017, was a one-day conference which served as a platform for emerging ideas and thoughts on entrepreneurship.

The event’s thrust was towards empowering entrepreneurs and accelerating the growth strategies for SME’s & start-ups.

In India, the start-up eco-system is in a growth phase with over 6000+ start-ups & 500+ investors! Together they hold the potential to open opportunities for employing lakhs of people.

Despite the huge buzz surrounding them, start-ups and SME’s face many hurdles in terms of people, strategy, and execution. This event provided a platform to collaborate and showcase the current opportunities faced by start-ups and to counter the rising challenges.

E2E Networks was an exhibition partner at ‘the talk-Big Ideas’. Many entrepreneurs and professionals stopped at our booth and our team of experts were at hand to answer all their queries. Our team actively engaged with the visitors & entrepreneurs and helped guide them on how to best leverage the cloud to solve their business problems.

The talk was a great event and an excellent learning platform for many a budding entrepreneur. The coming together of young start-ups, knowledgeable speakers and experienced investors made for a vibrant exchange of knowledge & hard learned wisdom.

We are extremely grateful to the organizers and the attendees who visited and provided us an opportunity to learn about their business challenges and how to better serve this important market.

Here are some images from the event –