E2E Networks CTO spoke at HasGeek Miniconf- Chennai

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R - Live on stage

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R featured as a Speaker

Last week on 25th Nov 2017 HasGeek organized a Rootconf event, ‘Miniconf on Cloud Server Management’ in Chennai. The agenda of the conference was cloud server management and its attendant challenges.

The conference primarily targeted DevOps engineers, Senior architects, VPs, developers, programmers and all those who wanted to learn from the experiences and insights of the industry veterans.

There were many speakers and the talks were mainly on the topics such as microservice architecture, private cloud, cloud agnostic webscale, serverless monitoring and many other cloud chapters which involved some serious knowledge scripts delivered by the speakers.

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R, delivered the first talk and discussed about cloud agnostic webscale. He spoke on how Cloud Agnostic future of multi-cloud is very bright. Among the many salient features, he stressed on the point that the public cloud vendors need to get over with Not invented here syndrome, the Internet is the Cloud.

Following the talks, there was a super insightful panel discussion QA session which involved E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R as one of the panelist.

Some of the snapshots from the event

Checkout the Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YSQHWcmc9U

In continuum to the series of events, next week E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R will speak at Miniconf on Cloud Server Management – Mumbai & Delhi edition.

  • Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Mumbai) – 8 Dec 2017, Amazon Internet Services, Mumbai
  • Miniconf on Cloud Server Management (Delhi/NCR) – 20 Jan 2018, Investopad, Gurgaon

If you’re attending– we’d love to catch up! We look forward connecting with you @e2enetworks @hasgeek @rootconf

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