E2E Networks CTO speaks at HasGeek Miniconf – Delhi NCR

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R featured as a Speaker

Last week on 20th Jan 2018 Hasgeek organized a Rootconf event, ‘Miniconf on Cloud Server Management’ in Delhi NCR. The agenda of the conference was cloud server management and its attendant challenges. The conference brought together various business DevOps engineers, Senior architects, VPs, developers, programmers and all those who wanted to learn from the experiences and insights of the gathered industry veterans.

There were many speakers giving talks on topics such as – Business Data Analysis by integrating On-Premise Data with Cloud Services, Auto-remediation at scale using watchers, Continuous Integration at Haptik, setting up a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, etc.

E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R, delivered the first talk of the day, which was on cloud agnostic webscale. He spoke on the Cloud Agnostic future of multi-cloud and urged attendees to utilize OSS products to grow web-scale while remaining cloud agnostic. This would not only help in minimizing vendor lock-in (which is often cited as a major impediment to cloud adoption) but will also help save on costs!

The talks were followed by an insightful panel discussion/ QA session.


Some snapshots from the event.