E2E Networks showcases its Cloud Computing brilliance at SMARTup, Jaipur

We at E2E Networks, are always eager to participate, attend or partner with any event, summit or conference which promotes or propagates the startup ecosystem. This gives us an opportunity to connect with different stakeholders and showcase our innovative, market-leading cloud computing solutions to make businesses do better.

On 16th Feb 2018, E2E Networks was present at SMARTup Jaipur, a series of round table knowledge sharing, and networking events being organized by ah! Ventures & meetingsandoffices.com as part of their endeavor to connect the startup fraternity and create valuable business centric conversations between domain specialists and entrepreneurs.

The primary focus of the event was to deal with issues and problems that plague young companies and divert their focus from their core competence and business. Critical Issues such as —

  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Aligning immediate and long-term goals
  • Generating investor interest, scaling a business, and managing cash flows
  • Understanding how to go about building your tech as a non-techie without a tech co-founder
  • How to focus on and enhance the logic of business
  • What is the role of IoT in business, when do you need AI and what does Ai mean beyond chatbots for your business etc.

— were covered and discussed in detail during the summit. Second half of the summit also saw discussions on blockchain technology, and startup pitches by several serial entrepreneurs and startup advisors and mentors.

E2E Networks utilized this opportunity to showcase its cloud computing brilliance to help SMEs/ SMBs with setting up and maintaining their cloud infrastructure.

Below are some glimpses of our team members at the summit:

E2E Networks thank the organizers, attendees and visitors of the SMARTup Jaipur for making us a part of this summit and we look forward to being a part of their future endeavors.