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Why E2E CDP Backup?

  • Block-level Backup

    Directly backups the block-level data from disk or volume bypassing the file system.

  • Lightweight

    Lowest possible impact on disk and network I/O and relatively short backup windows.

  • Quick Restore

    Fallback to restore points on-demand and quickly recover your VM environment.

  • Long-term Data Archiving

    The continuous, incremental backups are perfect for your data archival requirements.

E2E CDP Backup Plan

Slab Range Monthly rate (excluding GST) Comments
Slab 0 0 GB270 Minimum billingMinimum billing is on individual instance
Slab 1 0 GB to 1000 GB 8.9/GBApplied on total monthly peak usage of the entire account
Slab 2 More than 1000 GB 1.8/GB Applied on total monthly peak usage of the entire account minus 1000 GB

What is CDP Backup?

CDP Backup service uses Continuous Data Protection technology with R1Soft to backup your cloud instance or VM data as frequently as 6 hours — without manual intervention.

Click here for in-depth details about the CDP backup service for your cloud instances on E2E Cloud.


How do I enable CDP Backup for my Cloud Instance on E2E Cloud?

You can enable CDP backups while creating your node or afterward. Click here for more details and step-by-step instructions.

How is the monthly pricing calculated?

The CDP pricing is done on calendar month basis. The peak usage per month is calculated and billed as per monthly rate.

Do you include Tax in the prices listed on the website?

No price is exclusive of any taxes, all plan pricing is subject to 18% GST rate.

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