The DevWeek 2017 is just around the corner – See you there

E2E Networks is a Community sponsor for the DevWeek 2017 (12th-16th Sep 2017, Bangalore)


An entire week consisting of conferences over Mobile Development, JavaScript, ReactJS and React Native. The Developer Week is organized by HasGeek to help people from the technology eco-system to meet each other, collaborate on new opportunities and experience advancements. DevWeek is a series of Mobile and Web conferences happening for 5 days and will be focusing on the following agenda-  

  • Fragments – Formerly known as droidconIn (on mobile) on 12-13 Sep.
  • ReactFoo – (on application and production stories of React) on 14 Sep.
  • JSFoo – (JavaScript and performance engineering) on 15-16 Sep.

The Fragments event will cater to the rapidly developing mobile platform and related mobile ecosystem. Some of the topics will be Android, iOS, and advancements in the mobile Web Apps. The ReactFoo is for React practitioners and developers which will cover the aspects of Redux, Routing, Reactive Native, React testing and more. JSFoo is India’s biggest annual JavaScript conference supporting the Java Community to interchange new ideas and solutions. The conference is to explore new ideas, implement innovative solutions, and learn from experiences to eliminate growing concern of gaps that hold back entire communities.

E2E Networks is associated with the DevWeek as a community sponsor. We urge all visitors, developers & tech leaders to visit us during the event and talk to our experts who will be at hand to offer advice & suggestions on cloud challenges specific to your business. Our proven Cloud Agnostic platform has helped and served 100’s of start-ups and businesses in India to close the technological gaps that they encountered during their journey.

See you there!