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E2E Database as a Services(DBaaS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. E2E Cloud offers a choice of fully managed relational databases, to fit the needs of modern app developers. Infrastructure management—including scalability, availability and security—is automated, saving you time and money. Focus on building applications while E2E managed databases make your job simpler.

Customers are doing great things with E2E managed databases.

Database Engines


  • Easy Administration

    Makes it easier to deploy and manage the database service

  • Scalability and Failover

    Easily Upgrade/Downgrade your database on-demand by setting up slave node

  • Optimized Plans

    Plans are optimized offering an attractive price-performance ratio

  • Secure

    The database is highly optimized and secured restricting access to the external environment

  • Reliable Performance

    Experience better & optimized performance across workloads

Why Choose DBaaS On E2E Cloud?

  • Highly Scalable
  • Daily Backups
  • Fast and Reliable Performance
  • Cost-Efficient
  • High Availability
  • Secure

DBaaS Plans

Plan vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price
DBS.8GB 2 vCPUs 8 GB 100 GB SSD ₹2,920/mo
DBS.16GB 4 vCPUs D16 GB 200 GB SSD ₹6,570/mo
DBS.32GB 6 vCPUs 32 GB 300 GB SSD ₹10,950/mo
DBS.64GB 8 vCPUs 64 GB 600 GB SSD ₹23,360/mo
DBS.96GB 12 vCPUs 96 GB 900 GB SSD ₹35,040/mo
DBS.128GB 16 vCPUs 128 GB 1200 GB SSD ₹46,720/mo
DBS.240GB 24 vCPUs 240 GB 1500 GB SSD ₹70,080/mo
DBS.360GB 32 vCPUs 360 GB 2000 GB SSD ₹87,600/mo

"I am very much happy with E2E Networks Pvt. Ltd. I’m using your services for the past one year and I have provided you multiple clients to E2E Networks Pvt. Ltd. Whoever is looking for servers I strongly recommend E2E Networks."

Protik Banerjee@ Relcode Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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