Cloud Images Upgrade

We at E2E Networks strive to provide the latest tech in cloud compute nodes to our customers, and therefore we are delighted to inform that we have upgraded many of our server images serve the latest stable kernel version and much more. The following server images available from E2E Networks have been upgraded:

  • CentOS-6.8
  • CentOS-6.8-Virtualmin
  • CentOS-6-Webuzo
  • CentOS7-Basic

The upgrades done on the images are significant, since they would not only improve their performance but also incorporate better security measures along with a few pre-installed application modules. The following enhancements have been carried out on the mentioned images:

  • Kernel upgrade – The kernels of the images have been upgraded. This has resulted in stability improvements, security fixes, driver upgrades, new kernel functions and increased speed .
  • Pre-installed CDP agent so that a backup mechanism is set quickly with less human intervention.
  • Pre-installed Zabbix agent so that monitoring of compute nodes can be enabled quickly.
  • All packages upgraded to enable backported features and set important security patches.

Apart from the upgraded images, we have added a new image – CentOS7-Webuzo which brings the Webuzo control panel onto CentOS 7 as a one-click deployment on E2E CloudOne.