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Cloud Solutions Architect

A Cloud Solutions Architect is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing cloud-based solutions for businesses and organizations. They work closely with clients to understand their technical requirements and business goals, and then design scalable and secure cloud architectures to meet those needs.


Job Responsibilities

You’ll have knowledge and experience of a number of the following areas:

● Ability to define, design, implement, develop, adapt, and migrate in accordance with enterprise architectural plans, procedures, and standards.

● Have experience migrating many big IT projects to the non-hyperscaler cloud platforms while owning cloud architecture and design tasks and deliverables

● Help clients with Information Architecture, Cloud Costing, solutioning and a Migration plan by advising them.

● Has experience in designing industry specific solutions which are usable in e-commerce, EduTech, banking, consumer goods, technology and media, public sector, health, logistics, research, artificial intelligence, data analytics, fintech, banking, NBFC, lending platforms and transportation industries.

● Well versed in micro-services architecture, service oriented architecture. Network security, access control, role based access design.

● Must have in-depth knowledge of cloud native platforms like docker, kubernetes, databases like MariaDB, PostgreSQL including replication, scaling and disaster recovery, webservers like lightspeed, ngnix, apache, queue based asynchronous data architecture requirements, configuration management platforms like jenkins or similar, provisioning and automation stacks like ansible or similar, terraform and pulumi

● Solid understanding of traffic distribution using network or L7 load balancers.

● Good understanding of performance requirements for network switching including software switching deployed on hypervisors, storage, storage networking (ethernet and/or infiniband), databases, CPUs, Tensor Core GPUs ( A100/H100/GH100 etc. )

● Knowledge of HPC cluster setup would be a definite plus.

● Knowledge of Open Source licensing requirements to be met and most common OSS solution architectures required to achieve various industry solutions.

● Experience in Linux based managed services platforms which use HAProxy, MariaDB, Apache2/NGINX, Squid as reverse proxy, bastion network, ssh management can consider this role as an upgrade from their existing position.

Skill Sets and qualifications required:

About E2E Networks

E2E Networks is the leading hyperscaler from India with focus on scalable Cloud GPU infrastructure, listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company is popular for providing accelerated cloud computing solutions, including cutting-edge Cloud GPUs like NVIDIA A100 GPUs and DGX Super Computing on the Cloud, making it the sole provider of advanced Cloud GPU capabilities in India.

E2E Networks Cloud computing solutions are built on the principles of affordability, assistance, accessibility, accommodative, and AtmanirbharBharat (self-reliant India), which are collectively referred to as the 5As of E2E Cloud.The company has been instrumental in helping India become self-reliant in the cloud infrastructure by offering a true public cloud platform that is multi-region, smart dedicated compute, and designed to cater to the unique needs of Higher Education and Research, Enterprises businesses and next generation of AI/ML startups in the country.

Our platform has further strengthened its position as the leading accelerated computing cloud platform from India by demonstrating its capabilities in the Al/ML, NLP, Computer Vision and Generative AI on its Cloud GPU and DGX platforms. The company has well earned its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner of choice for Higher Education and Research Institutions, Enterprises and AI/ML startups in India as well as globally.

E2E Networks is popular for being the first provider of India based low latency and contractless cloud computing in India. The company's advanced Cloud Computing solutions, including Cloud GPUs like NVIDIA A100 and DGX SuperComputing are aimed at helping India rise as an AI/ML superpower transforming Higher Education, Research and Enterprises across industry and academia.

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