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Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Finance

The Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Finance plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing the financial functions within the organization. This leadership position involves collaborating with various departments to ensure accurate financial reporting, strategic financial planning, and compliance with regulatory requirements. The AVP of Finance will contribute to the overall financial health and success of the organization by implementing sound financial practices and driving efficiency.


Job Responsibilities

  1. Financial Planning and Analysis:
    ● Develop and implement financial plans, budgets, and forecasts in collaboration with senior management.
    ● Analyze financial data, key performance indicators, and industry trends to provide insights and recommendations for strategic decision-making.
  2. Financial Reporting:
    ● Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting, including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.
    ● Present financial results and analysis to the executive team and board of directors.
  3. Risk Management:
    ● Identify and assess financial risks, and implement strategies to mitigate them.
    ● Establish and maintain internal controls to safeguard the organization's assets and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Compliance and Regulation:
    ● Stay current on financial regulations and ensure the organization's compliance with relevant laws and standards.
    ● Collaborate with legal and compliance teams to address regulatory requirements.
  5. Team Leadership:
    ● Provide leadership and guidance to the finance team, fostering a collaborative and high-performance culture.
    ● Develop and mentor finance team members to enhance their skills and professional growth.
  6. Strategic Planning:
    ● Contribute to the development and execution of the organization's overall strategic plan.
    ● Assess financial implications of strategic initiatives and provide recommendations.
  7. Stakeholder Communication:
    ● Liaise with internal and external stakeholders, including auditors, investors, and regulatory bodies.
    ● Communicate financial performance and strategies effectively to various stakeholders.

Skill Sets and qualifications required:

- MBA in Finance from tier 1 institute or CA Qualified

- CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or relevant professional certification.

- Proven experience in a senior finance role with a track record of successful financial management.

- Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Leadership experience with the ability to motivate and manage a finance team.

- In-depth knowledge of financial regulations, accounting principles, and financial markets.

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