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Benefits of BitNinja on E2E Cloud

  • Industry Standards and Compatibility

    Industry Standards and Compatibility

    BitNinja WAF 2.0 is built on the backbone of ModSecurity – always up-to-date with the latest best practices according to OWASP.

  • Less Configuration, More Protection

    Less Configuration, More Protection

    Bitninja is easy to use and didn’t require constant configuration.

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard

    Easy-to-Use Dashboard

    You can enable/disable the firewall or even activate/deactivate a pattern or ruleset for all your servers, all in one place.

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Pre-defined rulesets for low false positives

    This ruleset is rigorously tested to ensure the lowest false positive rates, and constantly updated to protect your server while allowing access to all your web apps.

  • Domain-based WAF configs

    Domain-based WAF configs

    To make day-today life easier, Bitninja provides a built-in option in its WAF that allows you to add custom patterns and rulesets for each domain.

  • Domain-based WAF configs

    Log only or Active protection

    To keep your sites and servers protected while you monitor traffic or install an app, you can choose between Log-only mode and Active protection by the server and even by domain.

BitNinja is an All-in-one pack, not only gives protection to Linux servers on a real time basis but also protects from cyber attacks.


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BitNinja on E2E Cloud

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What is Bitninja?

BitNinja is a multi-layered security software, that has many modules designed for specific tasks. Each of them meant for different types of attacks(or intrusions) to keep your servers Safe!

How do I enable Bitninja for my Cloud Instance on E2E Cloud?

You can enable Bitninja while creating your node or afterward. Click here for more details and step-by-step instructions.

How does Bitninja protect against DDos attacks?

E2E Cloud is offering free DDOS protection at the network level to all its customers as a default offering. If you activate Bitninja license, you will get added security against DDos attacks in an indirect way. BitNinja blocks most of the infected server’s IP address via the greylist or the blacklist. You can also block manually IP addresses by greylisting them or blacklisting them. You can also lower the DoS protection’s threshold value in the /etc/bitninja/DosDetection/config.ini file this way eliminating most of the danger.

Where can I find attacks launched against my server?

Under the Network attacks menu point, you can see what attacks were blocked by BitNinja.

How can I validate the suspicious files?

BitNinja presents a new dashboard feature: the file signature validator. Bitninja's Defense Robot module is proactively looking for backdoors and malware on the server. However, the file signatures generated by the Defense Robot are in validating state by default. Meaning that the files matching these signatures are only logged but not quarantined to avoid false positives catches.

How to add sub-users to your Bitninja account?

Not everyone uses the BitNinja Dashboard for the same reasons when doing their work. Which is why Bitninja have different sub-user roles built into their Dashboard.

What are Event logs in Bitninja dashboard?

On this panel, you can see all the recent changes in the global and local IP lists and your account level lists. The heimdall-greylist, heimdall-blacklist, etc are al the Bitninja IP lists. += means that the IP address has been added to one of the lists. = means the IP is delisted from one of the lists.