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Prevention is better than cure. Securing cPanel could be a complex subject if you have no idea which ways to consider. cPanel Security is a very important aspect to keep your websites and other data secure as new methods of attacks and hacks are popping up almost every day. More than ever before, it is really important now to keep your servers secure and updated.

This webinar is focused on cPanel Security tips, and Cost optimisation for E-Commerce Infrastructure in the Cloud.

We will be covering following topics in this Webinar:

  • Updating to Latest Versions of cPanel
  • Enabling Secure Password
  • Enabling Secure SSH access
  • Securing Apache and PHP
  • Enabling Brute Force Protection
  • Installing Firewall
  • Plugins
  • Optimising cost of ecommerce Infrastructure in the Cloud

Nandan Sinha

System Administrator - E2E Networks

Nandan is a System Administrator in E2E Networks. He is an expert in Web hosting panels, Manage customer's web servers, Mail Servers, and helping them in solving their problem they are facing while running their websites or applications. He is highly skilled in the installation and has a working knowledge of various Hosting Platforms like - Cpanel, Plesk, CentOS Web Panel, etc. He is well versed in Creating and Troubleshooting issue of Cloud Servers.

  • Cpanel Tech Talk