Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) – Now Available

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS optimized for Multi-Cloud, containers, AI & Security

Canonical’s most popular Ubuntu operating system’s latest LTS version 18.04, code-named ‘Bionic Beaver’ is now available on E2E Networks’ Cloud Platform.

Bionic Beaver is an LTS (Long Term Support), which means it will receive a remarkable support of 5 years, during which it will receive maintenance updates carrying updated kernel and graphics stacks bundled into newer Ubuntu releases.

More Adaptive to Cloud Technology

Ubuntu 18.04 is both a familiar and performant OS that can work everywhere. The cloud users can easily use tools which they are familiar with and can accelerate their ability to deliver value. The experience with Ubuntu 18.04 for a server integrates into a better experience, better performance, and a smooth interface.

In-built AI deployment capabilities

Focussing on positioning optimized GPU processing for maximum levels of speed on AI & Machine Learning apps, Canonical has unified NVIDIA GPGPU hardware acceleration into Ubuntu 18.04 LTS cloud images. This major feature will permit handlers to run their AI algorithms with swiftness.

Security Improvements

In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, gcc is now set to default to compile applications as position independent executables (PIE) as well as with immediate binding, to make more effective use of Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). All packages in main have been rebuilt to take advantage of this, with a few exceptions.

Mitigations are in place to protect against Spectre and Meltdown.

The latest livepatch feature when enabled installs Linux kernel updates without rebooting your system. This is particularly important where you don’t want any downtime.

Here is an overview list of the newly introduced features in the Ubuntu 18.04 vs (Ubuntu 16.04) software versions –


Web Servers

  • Apache 2.4.29 (from 2.4.18)
  • nginx 1.14.0 (from 1.10.3)

Programming Languages

  • Python 3.6.5 (from 3.5.1)
  • Ruby 2.5 (from 2.3)
  • Go 1.10 (from 1.6)
  • PHP 7.2 (from 7.0)
  • Node.js 8.10 (from 4.2.6)



Where to Get Started

The safest preference to migrate to a major release is usually to install everything from scratch, configure and test services and then separately migrate your application and user data.

Ubuntu 18.04 is fairly easy to install, simple to use, and easily configurable. Ultimately, it is a pleasure to use for both beginners and experts alike.

Get Started Now!

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