Thank You STARup 2018 – Delhi NCR

The STARup Summit 2018 was held at the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, on 19th & 20th Jan 2018. The conference brought together entrepreneurs, speakers, VC’s, innovators, policy-makers, academicians, support groups and many other business practitioners to present and discuss growth strategies for start-ups and SMEs in India. In the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship, thought leaders and industry veterans shared their experiences and insights on practices that have enriched their ventures.

There were many speakers who took part in the event. They spoke about the relevance and dynamism of the startup world. E2E Networks – CTO, Mohamed Imran K R was also present in the event. He provided insights on how to grow with “Cloud Agnostic Web scale“ during the panel discussion

E2E Networks was a STARpartner at this event. Our team was on hand to help start-ups and SME’s to understand on how our best to leverage cloud technologies to enhance business competitiveness.

E2E Networks is thankful to the organizers for making us a part of this event and wish the attendees every success in their current & future ventures.

Here are some snapshots from the event.