Thank You, DevWeek – 2017 Bangalore


E2E Networks was a proud sponsor of DevWeek 2017 Bangalore , an intense 5-day event held from 12-16th Sep,2017.

DevWeek was organized by HasGeek and consisted of conferences over Mobile Development, JavaScript, ReactJS and React Native. The conference helped thousands of people related to the technology eco-system to meet each other & collaborate their experience. The 5-day conference was divided into 3 segments –

  • Fragments – Formerly known as droidconIn (on mobile) on 12-13 Sep.
  • ReactFoo – (on application and production stories of React) on 14 Sep.
  • JSFoo – (JavaScript and performance engineering) on 15-16 Sep.

The fragments segment focused on the conversation on various technologies, designs, and business challenges in scaling mobile products. Moreover, it also involved talks on the evolution of mobile in India in the  current market scenario and what kind of opportunities will arise for the developers in the near future.

Following the fragments was the ReactFoo segment. ReactFoo was a 2 days segment dedicated solely for React stories. There were many speakers and the talks were mainly on the topics to Improve React app, React components and involved some serious knowledge sharing of ReactJS Scripts delivered by the speakers.

The next was the JSFoo segment which focused entirely on the JavaScript and the community. This was the 7th edition of India’s 1st JavaScript conference. The segment involved various talks on JavaScript, Security, Web component, Progressive web games etc. which were delivered by known speakers from Olacabs, Google along with many other well-renowned companies.

E2E Networks was the community sponsor in this prestigious event. Our team proactively helped a lot of people to understand how our cloud solutions can enhance their business capabilities.

Our team dedicatedly assisted visitors, developers & tech leaders who visited our kiosk. We offered advice & suggestions after understanding their business-specific cloud challenges. Our team aided the attendees to understand their technology gaps and offered them solutions to help improve efficiency while reducing their existing cloud cost.

E2E Networks is thankful to the organizers for making us a part of this event and wish them success for the future.

Some of the snapshots from the event.