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Terms and Conditions of Free trial

Terms and Conditions of Free trial

1) By participating in this Free trial offer, User agrees to be bound and governed by Company’s terms and conditions available at link and any other terms mentioned on E2E website, and users acknowledge that use of services under the free trial is subject to these terms and conditions.

2) Users acknowledge that Free trial will be provided post evaluation of the requirement based on the product and use case and trial period offered to any user can differ accordingly but it would not be more than 7 days in any case.

3) E2E reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to cancel or modify the free trial offered at any time without prior notice to the Customer.

4) In case any sort of malicious activity is observed during the trial, then it will lead to the immediate end of the trial without prior notice to the Customer

5) Any liability(ies) arising towards the user or any third parties arising out of or in connection with the user’s use of such free trial shall be solely and totally borne by the user, and neither the E2E, nor its representatives shall be liable for any claim, loss, damage, injury, liability, fine, penalty, fee, charge, cost or any expense of any nature arising due to use of free trial.