Sane support for un-managed hosting plans

Prices of Indian VPS server providers are not comparable with US based providers while we can match pricing of say linode or slicehost we certainly can’t match prices of every cheap VPS service provider in the world. Our un-managed servers do include all of the things mentioned below and we do offer sane basic e-mail based support ( or phone based in case of any emergency ) even for our un-managed servers :-

1. Operating system hardening (applying latest software and operating system updates)
This is done first time your server is setup but we don’t update it as new patches are released. After that it is customer responsibility in case of an un-managed server.

2. Setting up free virus and anti-spam protection for your server
Virtualmin comes with sane defaults on this one, we also setup DKIM+SPF for our clients gratis for the main domain, unless you already exceeded your fairly large quota of sane & gratis support in which case it would be another Rs. 1000/- or so one time.

3. Custom firewall and intrusion detection system with automatic email alerts
Not included, firewalls are not very useful according to us, the assumption that you are running something vulnerable on any of the open ports is generally not true anymore on the Internet so the focus of exploits has shifted to open ports like http, ftp, smtp or ssh. The host based firewall ( iptables ) can be configured through webmin control panel or we can do it for you if required. Threat filtering on HTTP protocol by even dedicated appliances can make your website slow for end users and leave you vulnerable to DoS attacks, it is better to fix application vulnerabilities by following the best practices.

4. Performance tuning using in-memory caching available on Apache, MySQL and PHP to make sure that you get the most out of your server.
We can re-optimize the VPS configuration for Apache/MySQL etc. once or twice in a year based on your particular load/traffic characteristics. We’ll of course never refuse to look into a server if a client asks us even to seek advice.

5. Free Installation and setup of various unix softwares where we spend less than 5-10 minutes of our time. Free manual reboots.

6. Optimizing your server control panel to make sure that your server is secure and functional (private DNS setup, host names, server contacts, log settings, etc)
We also welcome all feedback here from our clients and most likely any feature requests you make would make into the control panel eventually

Only for our managed customers

7. Server monitoring and SMS alerts using Zabbix. 24×7 monitoring of CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, Network utilization. Patches and Security Updates. Human intervention in case any of the operating parameters shoot off the charts e.g. CPU utilization
* Carte blanche from E2E management to offer memory/CPU/disk upgrades on the fly to make sure Run the Business tasks of a client are not affected for want of an upgrade approval within +33% of your CPU+Memory+Disk resources as promised in a plan, such upgrades are gratis and allow a customer not to upgrade a plan for another say 10GB diskspace or 256 MB of RAM . Upgrades are also done for our un-managed customers gratis sometimes but as a general rule we have a hands off policy with un-managed servers.