Smart Dedicated Servers: The best of both worlds

Are you looking for a solution that could provide you the power of a dedicated server while offering the flexibility of public cloud services?

E2E’s Smart Dedicated servers offer the combination of a bare metal dedicated server with today’s leading cloud virtualization technology. Our Smart Dedicated Servers combines the benefit of dedicated, non-shared, resources with the flexibility of cloud features such as O/S reloads, console access, and more

What is Smart Dedicated Servers?

Smart-dedicated servers are designed to deliver the servers, technologies & management processes in an integrated manner. Smart-dedicated servers are a new breed of servers that offer – the supremacy of dedicated servers & the benefits of public cloud weaved into a smart approach.

For Whom?

Smart Dedicated Servers combine guaranteed resources with public cloud capabilities. If you require guaranteed resources with enhanced privacy and an isolated environment without wanting to focus on the lower level of server management aspect, then Smart Dedicated servers are the right choice for you.


In a competitive environment your business success depends on the performance, reliability, and flexibility that your web applications can offer, Smart Dedicated Servers offers you one of the most cost-effective, high-performance and a robust solution that your business requires.


Why combine Dedicated & Cloud?

The overhead of provisioning, accounting & billing as of now involves complex processes. Bringing smart-dedicated servers into play can save a fortune on manual configuration and provisioning of resources. With Smart Dedicated Servers you get single tenant dedicated server performance with a wide range of public cloud benefits such as self-service, performance, security, resilience & scalability requirements. You can quickly spin up smart servers on demand, with OS, applications and patches installed automatically.


Breaking Down the Barriers

The foremost cause of why the cloud has become such a hot service is because it reduces the infrastructure concerns, offers flexibility and provides cost-benefits. The cloud allows users to modify & customize their server solutions on a dime. The flexibility that public cloud brings into play is the opposite side of the coin where dedicated server solutions exist. With Smart Dedicated Servers you get to enjoy the benefits – 

  • Reduced deployment time

With Smart Dedicated Server you can quickly deploy & start using a dedicated cloud server under a few minutes which means during demand, season traffic, peak hours you can quickly provision dedicated resources.

  • Reduced Costs

The competition is growing and so are the requirements to remain competitive. For this reason, smart dedicated servers eliminate the problems related to dedicated server solutions such as provisioning time, a high cost of leasing, monthly resources requirements, management & maintenance.

Smart dedicated servers can reduce the CAPEX/OPEX footprint with automation tools, pre-built templates, installation & updates forming an integrated solution. Less time spends in deployment, maintenance and upgrades equate to lower costs. You can spin up smart servers and scale on demand while gaining the benefits of the raw power of a dedicated server.

  • Granularity

Experience a more granular control over the environment with all the features such as machine rebooting, installation, remote access, upgrades/downgrades with the additives of a public cloud such as self-service, resilience, scalability & more.

  • Seamless Migration

Seamlessly migrate to another server & easily upgrade/downgrade your resources. A smart dedicated server utilizes the aspects of effective management and migration. There’s no re-installation required while upgrading/downgrading and you can take a full accounting of your cloud environment with snapshots of your servers.

  • Secured Environment

Smart dedicated servers bring smart security with Network-level protection from DDoS attacks and all the latest upgrades & security patches applied on time. Smart dedicated servers follow standard security measures keeping your server safe and secure from periodic attacks.

  • Recovery Objectives

Smart Dedicated Servers offers you easy recovery from VM’s failure with no inspection or operational latency. The machines are set up in RAID-1 configuration and you can always create Backup images for your recovery objectives.

  • Simple Administration

E2E Networks ’MyAccount’ console simplifies your server management aspects for your account management, monthly spend, resource utilization, provisioning, re-booting or setting up your servers. Easily access your Smart Dedicated Servers from any location. Our easy to use GUI server management solution is developed to manage, maintain & stay in full control of your provisioned server resources at all times.


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