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Smart Dedicated Servers

Smart Dedicated Servers

Smart Dedicated Server (SDS) series for intensive workloads that are, sometimes, run on a Bare Metal Server due to lack of reliable alternatives.

With an SDS (sometimes, inaccurately referred to as Bare Metal Dedicated Server due to its capabilities), you get all the benefits of a public cloud, such as a self-service portal for 24×7 deployment, easy maintenance, and management.

Smart Dedicated servers (SDS) are designed to deliver the servers, technologies & management processes in an integrated manner. That is one of many reasons why an SDS can provide high-performance and remove the limitations of traditional dedicated servers—especially slow deployment times—out of the big picture.

You can quickly spin up on demand smart servers, with OS, applications, console access, latest drivers support and security patches. Moreover, Smart Dedicated Servers will offer easy integration of future features and functionality.


  • Dedicated Hardware

    Resources like RAM, CPU, and Storage are dedicated to your server. So, you’ll experience nothing but high-performance computing with no regrets.

  • Ultra-Fast Deployment

    You can start using a dedicated cloud server in a few seconds.

  • Superior Up-time

    Our services are protected by 99.9% UpTime SLA.

  • Indian datacentres

    Managing your Virtual Compute Node is simple and easy through MyAccount.

  • Affordable Pricing

    E2E is an Indian company offering services to Indian SMEs. All our plans are highly affordable for SMEs.

  • Easy Migration

    Seamlessly migrate your existing compute workloads to E2E Smart Dedicated Servers. Then, downgrade and upgrade at your convenience.

  • No noisy neighbor problem

    In Public Cloud, the noisy-neighbor problem is a huge concern. But we eliminate that with our engineering expertise.

  • Full Administrative Access

    You’ll have full root-level access and a dedicated IP address when you take SDS from E2E Networks.

  • Monthly/Hourly Billing

    Our billing is transparent and is purely based on hourly/monthly usage of resources, nothing else.


Smart Dedicated Server Plans with High Frequency

Per Month
  • 12 vCPUs
  • OS: CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu
  • 55 GB
  • 445 GB SSD
  • 2.8 GHz and higher
  • * Price is exclusive of 18% GST Rate
  • ** Monthly Prices shown are calculated using an assumed usage of 730 hr/month; actual monthly costs may vary based on the number of days in a month.
Our sales representatives are available at +91-11-4084-4965 and


How a Smart Dedicated Server (SDS) is different from a Cloud VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine emulated on a dedicated host with the help of a hypervisor like KVM. In Cloud VPS environments, more than one VPS sits on a single dedicated host. And all the resources like RAM, CPU, and storage are shared among multiple VPS. Sometimes, this causes resource congestion and will lead to a bad performance of websites and applications.
An SDS is also a Virtual Machines. But the difference is, only one virtual machine sits on a dedicated host. So, all the resources are dedicatedly available to that one single VM. That is why an SDS is highly reliable and ensures good performance.

Can we migrate our VPS based workloads to Smart Dedicated Server?

Yes, that is possible. The process is quite similar to how you migrate from one VPS to another.

What is Bare Metal Server?

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server without any virtualization.

Do you charge any setup fee?

We do not charge any setup fee. However, the billing will start as soon as you launch a service.