Serious Data Security breach

Data Security Breaches

More than 198Mn. U.S. voters Personal and Analytics data was exposed from an unsecured server.

The huge information spills and data security breach is a serious reason of concern for organizations. These sorts of digital assaults without a doubt are a cause of suffering for the organizations under assault.

By all means, neglecting security may involve more serious signs of dangers which can lead to truly awful reputation, long haul doubt among customers, powerful fines or/and punishments, claims, financial penalties, and so on. To make it through these tough times the organizations have to rely on their deep pockets.

In June 2017, a spreadsheet containing Personal and Analytics data of more than 198 Mn. U.S. voters was leaked online which were stored on an unsecured cloud server. The data was publicly accessible online for a 12-day period, effectively leaking private information to anyone who looked for it. A cyber resilience company-UpGuard, found the hole and brought it into limelight.

A huge number of records containing voter data and individual data were spilled. The spilled voter data included voter birth dates, home and postage information, telephone numbers, party association, self-revealed racial data, and voter profile which could be accessed without any passwords or secret keys. The databases were a piece of overall 25 TB of records contained in a large cloud computing player’s account that could be pursued without signing in. Moreover, the exposed server also contained confidential data from another market research firm who understands voters’ policy preferences and political actions. Any individual who knew the documents web address could have gained access to them.

According to Ad Age – a leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation, the overall spending’s on this database maintenance was approx. $5.2 Mn. between January 2015 and November 2016.

For any organization securing database information is a challenging task. New vulnerabilities arise on a regular basis and misconfigured online databases and cloud servers are a common way for data to be accidentally left exposed to the public. To maintain security, you require more than a couple of guided arrangements outlined towards to guard your system’s edge. It is advisable to leverage the experience of experts with deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to protect against threats, minimize risks and enable the adoption of new technologies that can safeguard the system and database during the formidable occurrences.

Working with a specialized expert lets you worry less about the database security and maintains your focus towards the business growth. Is there any data security concern deviating your attention and impacting your business? Share your views in the comments with us.