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Security best practices to create a bulletproof Cloud Server

Security and server both go hand in hand. Apparently you can get infrastructure from cloud providers with few of the security measures like WAF, Malware Detection etc but not all security measures come in a single pack. Fully Secure servers are being provided by few of them.

Security-as-a-service is a vital aspect to safeguard the server from not only malicious attacks, also from different kinds of threats which could affect the server performance and the data.

BitNinja is an All-in-one pack, not only gives protection to linux servers on a real time basis but also protects from cyber attacks.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The challenges faced by hosting providers and why shared hosting providers are an easy target
  • Different kinds of cybersecurity solutions
  • Consequences of inadequate security protection
  • And about what should the ideal cybersecurity solution look like.
Adam Toth

Adam Toth

Senior Account Executive at BitNinja Technologies

At BitNinja our focus is to solve the security pains and problems of hosting providers.
We had the same struggles and this is why we can understand how important is to provide a premium and safe service.
Since I joined BitNinja, I had the chance to provide a solution to the security problems of hundreds of companies,
Help them to protect more than 5 million websites worldwide.

We look forward to your participation on 19th August 2021.

  • Security Webinar -Aug 19th