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Security and Privileges on MS SQL Cloud Server

SQL Server Security

Security is often considered the most important of a database administrator's responsibilities. SQL Server has many powerful features for security and protecting data, but planning and effort are required to properly implement them. In this Webinar, We will cover the many components available to secure and protect SQL Server databases.

  • Authentication Modes
    • Windows Authentication
    • SQL Authentication
  • SQL Server Security
    • Fixed - Server level Roles
    • Fixed - Database level Roles
    • Object level access (Securables)
  • Column level encryption
    • Encrypting a column
  • Tabular Data Encryption
    • Securing the data at rest
  • Always Encrypted
    • Securing the data at rest and in transition
Mr. Kishore

Mr. Kishore Krishna

Sr. DBA | MS SQL Server

We look forward to your participation on 24 September 2020.

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