Is Rupee fall affecting your Cloud budgeting and OpEx?

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Being on cloud means flexibility, efficiency, and savings all bundled into one. Perhaps, one of the most important benefit of cloud computing is substantial savings in company’s IT cost. Moreover , it relieves your tech team to concentrate more on developing innovative solutions, instead of doing the boring hardware stuff or menial tasks.

Most startups and entrepreneurs in India go with the likes of Amazon, Google, IBM,  MS Azure, etc. They think that being a US-based company, these companies will be more professional in approach. BUT being attached with these global giants would hurt everytime rupee is depreciated in comparison to MIGHTY dollar.

How? Let us help you understand. When comparing dollar to rupee – for 100,000 INR worth of compute you were buying in February 2018, you are NOW paying an extra 5000 INR already in June 2018.

The fall in Indian rupee’s value against the US dollar has stealthily taken off that extra edge from domestic cloud users dependent on global providers.

On 28 June 2018 the value of USD to INR was reported at an all-time low of ₹ 69.09

Your Cost Trend line

Running virtual machines on a cloud & paying for them in dollars is an expensive way of compute.

Let’s get you in the know with 2 most common scenarios:

  1. Mr. A operates in India, but, has his cloud compute on a US dollar denominated cloud provider. He thinks everything in US is perfect (grass is always greener on the other side).He pays for his cloud compute in USD with exchange rates SPIKING his bills all the time.
  2. Mr. B operates in India, SMARTLY, has his cloud compute on an Indian Cloud provider. He doesn’t have to worry about exchange or spikes in his bills. He pays flat bills in Indian Rupees. Mr. B is doesn’t just acts smart, but actually he is.

Let’s get into the story of Mr. A and Mr. B in a bit detail.  

– Mr. A operates on any of the US dollar denominated cloud computing provider vs Mr. B who operates on an Indian Cloud provider.

Cloud Provider Specs Consist of Price/Month** USD to INR Value on 03-04-2018 USD to INR Value on 30-06-2018 Change % Change
AWS c5.xlarge 4 vCPUs /
10GiB RAM/EBS Storage Costs Extra
$ 124.1 ₹ 8,069.48 ₹ 8,510.19 ₹ 440.72 5.18%
Microsoft Azure F4 4 vCPUs /8 GiB RAM/64GiB Temporary Storage $ 168.63 ₹ 10,965.00 ₹ 11,563.85 ₹ 598.86 5.18%
Google Cloud Platform n1-highcpu-4 4 vCPUs/3.60 GB RAM/Extra Storage costs $ 119.866 ₹ 7,794.17 ₹ 8,219.85 ₹ 425.68 5.18%
Linode Linode 4GB 4 vCPUs/8 GB RAM/160GB SSD $ 20 ₹ 1,300.48 ₹ 1,371.51 ₹ 71.03 5.18%
Digital Ocean CPU Optimized Droplets 4 vCPUs/8 GB RAM/50GB SSD $ 80 ₹ 5,201.92 ₹ 5,486.02 ₹ 284.10 5.18%
E2E Networks C.10GB 4 vCPUs /10GB RAM/100GB SSD ₹ 1,642.50* ₹ 1,642.50* ₹ 0.00 0.00%
*Additional GST@18% Applicable
**Pricing in Asia/Pacific Region

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