Cloud Backup

The increasing data for any business creates a challenge for its maintenance & backup. Downtime and data loss can prove to be expensive. At worst, it can be financially catastrophic. Maintaining a data backup gets more painful with limited data storage, complex operations & slow restore functionalities.

E2E Networks Backup is a simple & perfect solution when the data needs to be backed up frequently, restored quickly and secured constantly. Our continuous data protection solution offers rich and powerful tools for transaction recording, backup and recovery objectives. Eliminate the time and effort for backup installation, configuration, maintenance and recovery of your data.

High-Performance Backup Solution

E2E Networks cloud backup substantially reduces the risk of data loss, cost, and duration of downtime.

Continuous Protection

Create automatic backups and restore data easily along with real-time alerts on a recurring basis.

Intuitive Controls

Manage & scheduled your backups easily with a user-friendly interface.

Save Disk Space

Proven technology saves only the unique bits of data that have changed post full backup

High Performance

Systems I/O operations aren’t taxed due to backup processes thus minimizing server load.

Enable backups for data on your Virtual Compute Node. A point-in-time snapshot is taken of your data at scheduled intervals. Once you opt, you’ll get “One-Click Restore” functionality enabled for your data backups.

  • Simple pricing and no complexities
  • High-performance for backups and restoration
  • Minimize the cost of downtime and risk of failure
  • No Investment in backup infrastructure

Backup & Protect your crucial data Now!

Pricing Starts at
15GB = ₹150* / Month
Each Additional 1GB = ₹9.9* / Month
Backup Agent: R1Soft CDP
Retention Points:
Last 14 daily backups
Last 4 weekly backups
Last 2 monthly backups
MySQL Backup: Addon Backup Supported

*Price is exclusive of 18% GST Rate