cPanel® Nodes- Series CP

cPanel® is a web-based server control panel that simplifies the server resources and website management tasks. With powerful features such as Email management, domain management, server security, database, and more, cPanel® provides easy administration of the resources.

E2E Networks Limited offers cPanel® and Webhost Manager (WHM®), fully featured web hosting and admin panel systems. With E2E cPanel® cloud servers you don’t have to compromise on features, old machines, oversold servers or price to performance cut.

CP series servers works on high-performance machines with WebHost Manager/cPanel® pre-installed to let you get started quickly.

  • WebHost Manager Access – WHM® Complete administrative access & control over the server resources.
  • cPanel® – Manage individual account(s) as specified by the Server Administrator or Reseller
  • Website Management Resources – Easily upload and manage files through cPanel® cloud computing servers with support for file transfers like FTP, FTPS, SFTP
  • Email Management – Create and manage your website email accounts with support for standard mail protocols such as POP, SMTP, IMAP to send and receive messages.
  • Server Management Resources– Manage and maintain your servers with a few clicks to allocate resources, create users, set features, customise pages on cPanel®/WHM® servers.

Affordable Pricing Plans – Find a plan that is right for you

We help you to quickly get started with cPanel® cloud servers for your development, web hosting applications or multi-domain requirements. There is no additional license or software installation required.

₹ 2920** Per Month or
₹ 4* Per Hour
OS: CentOS
Dedicated RAM: 15 GB
Disk Space: 112.5 GB SSD
₹ 4745** Per Month or
₹ 6.50* Per Hour
OS: CentOS
Dedicated RAM: 30 GB
Disk Space: 225 GB SSD
₹ 6205** Per Month or
₹ 8.50* Per Hour
OS: CentOS
Dedicated RAM: 40 GB
Disk Space: 300 GB SSD
₹ 8760** Per Month or
₹ 12* Per Hour
OS: CentOS
Dedicated RAM: 60 GB
Disk Space: 1800 GB SSD
₹ 16425** Per Month or
₹22.50* Per Hour
12 VCPUs
OS: CentOS
Dedicated RAM: 120 GB
Disk Space: 3600 GB SSD


* A minimum billing of ₹ 1038 per node per month.
*  Price is exclusive of 18% GST Rate but inclusive of cPanel® license cost.
**Monthly Prices shown are calculated using an assumed usage of 730 hours per month; actual monthly costs may vary based on the number of days in a month.

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