The H100 Cloud GPU: Your Gateway to Accelerated Computing 

NVIDIA HGX H100 is the world’s most powerful end-to-end AI supercomputing platform that brings together the full power of NVIDIA H100 GPUs and fully optimized NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA HPC software stacks to provide the highest in simulation, data analytics, and AI performance.

The H100 GPU includes a Transformer Engine to solve trillion-parameter language models. The technological innovations can speed up Large Language Models by over 30 times as compared to the previous generation resulting in the delivery of Conversational AI that far exceeds even the best of industry standards.

NVIDIA H100 also comes with an NVIDIA AI Enterprise five-year software subscription and includes enterprise support, which simplifies AI adoption with the highest performance. This makes sure that organizations have access to the AI frameworks and tools needed to build H100 accelerated AI workflows such as conversational AI, recommendation engines, vision AI, and more. 

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25.6 TF
Peak FP64
51.2 TF
Peak FP32
80 GB
GPU Memory
GPU Memory Bandwidth

Unprecedented Acceleration At Every Scale

The H100 is a high-end GPU manufactured by NVIDIA, specifically designed for AI and ML workloads. When compared to other cloud GPU providers, its performance and efficiency are among the best available in the market. 

Here are some key features that make the H100 80GB stand out:

HBM3 memory subsystem

The HBM3 memory subsystem provides nearly twice the increase in bandwidth over the previous generation. The H100 GPU is the world’s first GPU with HBM3 memory delivering a class-leading 3 TB/sec of memory bandwidth.

Fourth-generation Tensor Cores

The new fourth-generation Tensor Cores are up to six times faster as compared to A100. On a per SM basis, the Tensor Cores deliver 2 times the Matrix Multiply-Accumulate computational rates of the A100 SM on equivalent data types.

MIG Technology

The second generation MIG technology provides around 3 times higher compute capacity and nearly 2 times more memory bandwidth per GPU Instance.


The fourth-generation NVIDIA NVLink provides a three times bandwidth increase on all-reduce operations and a 50% general bandwidth increase over the prior generation NVLink with 900 GB/sec total bandwidth for multi-GPU IO operating at seven times the bandwidth of PCIe Gen 5.

The H100 Cloud GPU: Your Gateway to Accelerated Computing

Dedicated RAM
Disk Space
Hourly Billing
Weekly Billing
Monthly Billing
(Save 20%)
60 vCPUs
430 GB
1600 GB SSD
120 vCPUs
860 GB
3200 GB SSD

Why Choose NVIDIA H100 GPU?

The NVIDIA H100 GPU securely accelerates diverse workloads from small enterprise workloads, to exascale HPC, to trillion parameter AI models. Some of the key factors which make it the go-to choice for your workloads are given below.

1. Transformer Engine

The Transformer Engine uses software and Hopper Tensor Core technology designed to accelerate training for models built from the transformer. Hopper Tensor Cores can apply mixed FP8 and FP16 precisions, resulting in significantly accelerated AI calculations for transformers.

2. NVLink Switch System:

The NVLink Switch System enables rapid scaling of multi-GPU input/output (IO) across numerous servers, achieving impressive speeds of up to 900 GB per second. This cutting-edge system supports clusters of up to 256 H100s, providing a remarkable 9 times higher bandwidth compared to InfiniBand HDR on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture.

3. NVIDIA Confidential Computing

NVIDIA H100 comes with a built-in security feature of Confidential Computing. Users can protect the integrity and confidentiality of their data and application in use while accessing the accelerations of H100 GPUs.

4. DPX Instructions 

Hopper’s DPX instructions accelerate dynamic programming algorithms by around seven times as compared to NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs. This leads to significantly faster times in disease diagnosis, real-time routing optimizations, and graph analytics.


Real-world Applications of H100 Cloud GPU

H100 Cloud GPUs are powerful graphics processing units that can be used in a variety of real-world scenarios. Here are some examples:

Generative AI

The H100 GPU accelerates training and inference of complex generative models, enables high-resolution image synthesis, and enhances natural language generation.

Large Language Models

H100 uses Transformer Engine, NVLink, and high memory bandwidth to provide the best performance and easy scaling.

Deep Learning

The NVIDIA H100 GPU’s massive compute power, high memory bandwidth, and Tensor Cores capabilities accelerate deep model training and enable rapid deployment of high-performance deep learning applications. 

AI inference

NVIDIA H100 GPU’s fourth-generation Tensor Cores and MIG technology enable high-throughput, low-latency inference for various AI models. It can be used for AI inference workloads, such as image and speech recognition.

Computer Vision

H100’s Tensor Cores help in processing large amounts of data quickly. Thus, it can also be used for computer vision applications such as Object Recognition.

Accelerate Machine Learning and Deep Learning Workloads with up to 70% cost-savings.

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