Deep64: Accelerate AI Innovation with Specialized GPU Cluster

Deep64 is a revolutionary GPU cloud cluster designed to take your deep learning and foundational model training to unprecedented heights. Featuring a powerful configuration of 64 NVIDIA H100 GPUs and seamless InfiniBand connectivity, Deep64 delivers the computational muscle and efficient data flow required for tackling the most demanding AI projects.

Deep64, a GPU Cluster of eight NVIDIA HGX H100 GPUs is designed to propel your deep learning and foundational model training to unprecedented heights. This dedicated cluster boasts a configuration of 64 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, built on Hopper Architecture and known for their exceptional processing power. Each 8xH100 GPU has up to 640 gigabytes (GB) of GPU memory and 24 terabytes per second (TB/s) of aggregate memory bandwidth for unprecedented acceleration.

Additionally, Deep64 leverages InfiniBand connectivity, ensuring seamless flow between GPUs. This potent combination translates to unparalleled computational power and efficient communication, empowering you to tackle even the most demanding AI projects with ease.

Furthermore, Deep64 boasts remarkable scalability, allowing you to seamlessly adapt to your evolving AI needs. As your projects demand more computational resources, Deep64 can effortlessly scale up to accommodate 256 H100 GPUs, guaranteeing your AI endeavors remain unhindered by hardware limitations.

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64 GPU

4 PF
In-Network Compute
Bisection Bandwidth (per server)
Bisection Bandwidth (per server)
Bisection Bandwidth (per server)

Product Features

The HBM3 memory subsystem provides nearly a two times bandwidth increase over the previous generation. The H100 GPU is the world’s first GPU with HBM3 memory delivering a class-leading 3 TB/sec of memory bandwidth.

Deep64 utilizes InfiniBand to facilitate seamless communication between servers and all 64 GPUs. This ensures efficient data flow and minimizes communication bottlenecks.

As your AI requirements evolve, Deep64 can seamlessly scale to accommodate future growth and even greater computational resources.

Deep64 has four NVIDIA NV Switch Systems that facilitate efficient GPU-to-GPU interconnect and collective communication, optimizing the performance and scalability of AI and HPC workloads.

The Deep64 : Your Gateway to Accelerated Computing

Dedicated RAM
Disk Space
Hourly Billing
Weekly Billing
Monthly Billing
(Save 20%)
240 vCPUs
1800 GB
14000 GB SSD
1800 GB
28000 GB SSD

Secure Deep64 for a limited-time annual investment of $1.6 million. This strategic acquisition opens the doors for unparalleled computational capabilities, empowering you to unlock groundbreaking advancements in your AI initiatives.

Why Choose Deep64 on E2E Cloud?

E2E Cloud is your trusted partner in AI infrastructure, providing cutting-edge solutions for ambitious projects. Deep64 is meticulously crafted to elevate your deep learning experience, offering not just a cluster but a gateway to innovation.

1. Accelerated Deep Learning Projects:

Achieve significant performance gains in your deep learning projects, leading to faster model development and implementation.

2. Enhanced Foundational Model Training:

Deep64's optimized configuration streamlines foundational model training, allowing you to build powerful and robust AI models efficiently.

3. Dynamic Scalability:

E2E Cloud's scalability ensures Deep64 can adapt to your changing needs, enabling you to scale up or down as your projects evolve.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions:

E2E Cloud offers competitive pricing and comprehensive solutions to optimize your investment and maximize the value you receive from Deep64.


Real-world Applications of Deep64

While Deep64 excels at several things, here its applications extend beyond these core functionalities. Here are some specific use cases that showcase Deep64's versatility and potential:

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Train and deploy advanced language models for tasks like sentiment analysis, machine translation, and chatbot development.

Computer Vision:

Develop and refine image and video recognition models for applications like object detection, image classification, and autonomous systems.

Generative AI:

Generate realistic images, text, and code with Deep64's powerful processing capabilities, fueling innovation in creative applications.

Scientific Computing:

Accelerate scientific simulations and complex calculations in fields like physics, chemistry, and materials science.

Accelerate Machine Learning and Deep Learning Workloads with up to 70% cost-savings.

Benefits of E2E GPU Cloud

No Hidden Fees

No hidden or additional charges. What you see on pricing charts is what you pay.

NVIDIA Certified Elite CSP Partner

We are NVIDIA Certified Elite Cloud Service provider partner. Build or launch pre-installed software Cloud GPUs to ease your work

NVIDIA Certified Hardware

We are using NVIDIA certified hardware for GPU accelerated workloads.

Flexible Pricing

We are offering pay as you go model to long tenure plans. Easy upgrade allowed. Option to increase storage allowed.

GPU-accelerated 1-click NGC Containers

E2E Cloud GPUs have super simple one click support for NGC containers for deploying NVIDIA certified solutions for AI/ML/NLP/Computer Vision and Data Science workloads.

How E2E GPU Cloud is helping Cloud Quest in their gaming journey

Latency is a critical part of Cloud Gaming. E2E GPU Cloud provided ultra-low network latency to Cloud Quest users and enhanced their gaming experience.